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Hire Professional Moving Companies In Vancouver For Your College Move

Summer is winding down and college students are preparing to head back to their dorms and on-campus apartments. If you have an upcoming college move on the horizon, don’t go it alone; work with professional moving companies in Vancouver. Using reputable and experienced moving companies in Vancouver to transport items back to school can streamline the entire move process, minimize stress, and most importantly, ensure a student’s belongings get where they need to be safe.

Of course, hiring professional moving companies in Vancouver isn’t the only step to take to make the process easier and less stressful. Following a few other important tips can also help ensure your college move is as convenient as possible. These tips include:

Consult With Roommate(s)

As a college student, you probably have a limited amount of space, making it critical that no one doubles up with some of the bigger items that will go into the living quarters. Contact your roommates as soon as possible to discuss who is bringing what (think heavy items like kitchen appliances, furniture, wall hangings, etc.) to eliminate the chance of the dreaded “doubling up” on things you only need one of in your room/apartment.

Plan Ahead

Once you know what you’re bringing, it’s important to plan ahead on the items that should go with your moving companies in Vancouver. Put together an outline of items in advance to give your movers a heads up on what will be expected from them come moving day.

Get (And Stay) Organized

After you’ve made a plan for the big items, it’s time to start thinking about all the smaller items you will want to bring with you. Create a checklist to help you stay focused and organized as you begin packing up the things you won’t use before arriving on campus. Be sure to label all boxes so your movers know where things will go during the move.

Arrive Early

It’s no secret that college move-in day is, ahem, busy. Arriving on campus early before the throngs of other co-eds can make the entire move far more convenient. Work with your movers to get to your school as soon as possible for easier access to entryways, stairways, and even elevators to make the entire process easier.

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Before You Hire Movers In Vancouver, Use These Tips To Find The Right Neighborhood For You

Buying a new home means starting a fresh new chapter in your and your family’s lives. Contacting professional movers in Vancouver to help you transport all of your belongings quickly and safely is the first step to a successful move. After you’ve sourced reputable movers in Vancouver, it’s officially time to begin your search for a new home sweet home. Chances are, you’ve already given a lot of thought to the type of house you’ll need to complement your current lifestyle needs. However, it’s also imperative to find a neighborhood that also gives you and yours an opportunity to thrive. Go into the process with a few simple considerations to ensure you find the right location for everyone who is moving with you.

Commute Distance

As much as we all hate to admit it, commute time is an actual thing and deserves consideration. Think about the absolute maximum amount of time you want to spend getting to work (and home) every day and use that as a guideline for beginning your home search.

Public Transportation

Of course, public transportation can make commuting a lot more tolerable. If you think you’ll depend on public transit to get where you need to be (even on weekends), you should look for a district that offers these types of services.

School System

If you’re moving with school-age children, you will absolutely want to do your research on the educational system in any prospective new neighborhoods. If you have younger children, you should also look at available daycares, nursery schools and preschools to ensure you will have access to the resources you’ll need for your family. Online reviews on elementary, middle, and high schools can also be useful as you pinpoint the right district for your children’s specific learning and care needs.


Of course, it’s not all about work and school when choosing your next neighborhood – it’s also about having fun. Think about how you like to spend your free time. Do you envision yourself in walking distance to a bustling downtown? Or, would you rather be surrounded by more tranquil settings? Think about your seasonal activities such as hiking, cycling, skiing and sledding. Deciding how you love to spend your leisure time can help you pick the perfect spot for your next address.

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Beyond Professional Movers In Maple Ridge: How To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

If you have an upcoming move in Maple Ridge, you already know that relocating you and your loved ones requires coordinating a lot of details and events. The first step in any successful relocation should be hiring professional movers in Maple Ridge. A reputable crew of movers in Maple Ridge will streamline the moving process, minimize stress, and ensure you and your belongings safely arrive at your new address.

Beyond Professional Movers In Maple Ridge: Settling In At Your New Address

Once your team of movers in Maple Ridge leaves, the real work begins as you attempt to make your new house actually feel like a home. Follow a few simple tips to help make the settling in process as easy as possible:

Play Music

Pack your portable speaker in a separate bag for easy access once you arrive at your new place. Make setting up your speakers and playing music your first priority. Playing tunes you love will instantly relax you, make unpacking seem less stressful, and help your new home start to feel more familiar.

Unpack Big Things First

Don’t waste time assembling a million new smaller items; instead unpack the big, already assembled belongings that came with you from your last home. Think furniture, lamps, wall hangings and other larger possessions that will instantly define the space and make it seem more familiar.

Start With The Bathroom

Resist the urge to start unpacking your kitchen first; begin in the bathroom. Get out all your toiletries, set up your medicine cabinet and put up your new shower curtain to really help make your new home feel comfortable.

Make Your Bed

Even if you never make your bed again…make it the first night you sleep at your new place. Getting your bedding situated will help relax you as you begin unpacking other items in your bedroom.

Unpack Photos

Finally, keep photos of family and friends in a well-marked box so it’s easily accessible on move day. Placing your favorite pics around your new place plays a key role in helping you feel comfortable and relaxed in your new surrounding.

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Moving Light: When Less Is More

You’ve found your new home sweet home – congratulations! It’s officially time to source professional Vancouver moving companies to help you get all of your belongings to your new place, safely. Hiring reputable and experienced Vancouver moving companies to manage your relocation can minimize stress and optimize convenience to ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

Pack For A Fresh Start

Once you’ve selected the right Vancouver moving companies for your upcoming move, the real work begins: packing. Many people treat their upcoming relocation as an opportunity for a fresh start; they vow to move with only the things they need to keep their new life organized and uncluttered. If you want to enjoy a minimalist moving experience, keep these tips in mind as you begin the packing process:

Take An Honest Clutter Inventory

The first step in getting rid of what you don’t need is taking an honest inventory of what’s clutter…and what isn’t. Everyone has different rules and mantras on what constitutes a “must keep” item. Use your own personal barometer to decide what are the absolute things you must have in your new home, and which items simply don’t make the cut.

Go For Easy De-Cluttering Wins First

Don’t begin the purging process with anything you may have an emotional attachment with, else you may find yourself wasting precious time trying to make a final decision on whether to keep it or toss it. Instead, start with the items you know will be easy to toss. Going for the easy de-cluttering wins first can help you practice for the bigger, harder-to-get-rid-of items that you’ll come across as you get closer to moving day.

Keep, Donate, Recycle

As you go through your belongings, sort everything into 1 of 3 piles whenever possible: keep, donate, and recycle. Pack up the items you’ve deemed keepers to ensure they make it to your new home. Donate items like used clothing, sporting equipment, and other gear to local charities. Finally, whenever possible, recycle the things you can’t keep or donate for an environmentally friendly way to keep moving light a top priority as you relocate to your new home.

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Hire Vancouver Movers To Move These Hard-To-Pack Items

Planning your move means deciding whether you should hire professional Vancouver movers to manage the transport of your belongings, or handle the process yourself. While you may feel tempted to pack up and move your items yourself, you should take carefully inventory of your possessions before making the final decision. Some things, such as clothes can easily be packed up and transported. However, other items really should be entrusted to professional movers in Vancouver. Consider hiring Vancouver movers if you have to relocate items that are harder to pack than you may think. These items include:

Fish Tanks

Modern fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes, making them especially challenging to move. Not knowing how to manage this type of move can cause damage to your tank and potentially harm the wellbeing of your fish. Working with a skilled moving team can help you get your entire tank to your new home in one piece. Most importantly, they may also be able to help you set everything up as quickly as possible to minimize stress on your fish.


Most people are surprised to learn that houseplants can actually be really difficult to move to a new location. A houseplant is a fragile, living thing rooted in a giant tub of dirt. One wrong move can cause a major mudslide in the back of your vehicle and cause damage to the plant itself. Don’t take a chance that your green, leafy friends don’t make it to your next home. An experienced mover will take all the precautions needed to get plants where they need to be without a major uprooting.


Artwork of any type can prove difficult to relocate. Sometimes extra care is needed due to shape and weight. Sometimes the sheer expense of a piece means professional movers in Vancouver are needed to handle the job. Even the pure sentimental value of a piece of art can prompt you to hire a professional. Working with a team of movers in Vancouver gives you access to their expertise. A seasoned team will come in and evaluate the best way to pack and move certain pieces, so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout your move.

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Tips To Make Your Upcoming Move Kid-Friendly

Moving is stressful; however, moving when there are kids in the mix can bring with it a whole new dynamic of chaos. It is possible to streamline the moving process when little ones are involved. Follow these important tips to make your upcoming move as kid-friendly as possible.

Tip #1: Hire Local Movers In Surrey, BC

Perhaps the best way to minimize stress during a move that involves children is to hire professional local movers in Surrey, BC. A qualified and experience team of local movers in Surrey, BC will have the skills and equipment necessary to make your move as fast and efficient as possible. Your moving team will worry about getting your belongings to your new home, allowing you to focus on getting your children there without any major meltdowns.

Tip #2: Give Them Their Own Tasks

Your little ones may surprise you on how ready, willing, and able they are to manage some of the moving tasks. Assign them jobs to do such as going through their toys and clothes to determine what they want to keep and what makes sense to donate. Older children may also be able to help with other rooms in the house as well as assist with packing up individual boxes.

Tip #3: Optimize Naptime

It’s inevitable, as soon as your child sees you donating (or even simply packing) a toy they never use, it suddenly morphs into their all-time-favorite belonging. Don’t risk having to have a conversation about every single item they own. Instead, plan on doing a lot of your packing while they snooze. Naptimes and bedtime make an ideal time for you to get a lot of your packing done.

Tip #4: Plan Your Emergency Bag

Moving day is exhausting for everyone, regardless of age. However, the whole process can prove particularly trying for little ones. As you begin to pack up your possessions, put together an emergency bag with items that will help them with the transition once you arrive at your new address. Coloring books, crayons, electronic devices, and even some fun snacks can help mitigate meltdowns while you all get settled into your new home sweet home.

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