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Autumn & Winter Commercial Moving Services In Vancouver

By admin on 26 November 18 Latest News


Is your business planning to move this autumn or winter? Hiring the right commercial moving services for your Vancouver area move can make everything run more smoothly, and help prevent damages to your office equipment and inventory. When you work with commercial movers who are experienced in helping all kinds of businesses get through their moves expediently and safely, you get the best support to get you and your employees back in business promptly at your new location.

Consider The Weather

Autumn and winter weather can present some significant challenges for moving. Plan ahead for the weather and you’re likely to get your move done faster and with less clean-up afterward. Once you’ve hired commercial moving services, discuss with them whether they will provide coverings to keep flooring clean and undamaged, or whether you need to provide those materials and preparations. If it’s up to you, be sure you ask what type of protective material will be safest for the movers, your employees, and the flooring. Remember you’ll need to do this for both your new and old spaces!

You may need to make special arrangements especially if the outdoor temperature is approaching freezing. Have the HVAC system in one or both of your buildings adjusted so that it’s running during your move. You may not want to pay to have the heat at full blast during your move, but even a little heat goes a long way toward keeping your movers and employees comfortable and to keep delicate electronic equipment from malfunctioning.

Prioritize Items As You Pack & Unpack

Computer equipment should be a high priority in unpacking. Keep in mind that it should be brought up to a reasonable room temperature before turning it on. Since you’ll want your IT team to be able to get to work setting up your computers and network as soon as possible, you’ll want to plan ahead. Make sure all that equipment and needed accessories like power and data cables are packed together and clearly marked for easy access.

Pack things like the coffee maker and any office supplies your team uses on a daily basis together, too, so you can get them set up immediately, even if you need to unpack less commonly used supplies later.

Keeping your inventory packed separately from any other items helps get you ready to open your doors sooner and with less chance of accidental damage during the move.

Choose Dependable Commercial Moving Services In Vancouver

Mountain Movers has earned its reputation for dependability and excellence over years of providing commercial moving services in Vancouver. Our trained professional movers will move your business safely and help you get back up and running on time, and on budget. Call or contact us online for a no-hidden-cost quote on your next commercial move in Vancouver.

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