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How To Choose A Local Moving Company In Vancouver

If you need a local moving company in Vancouver, look for services that stand out. Not all moving companies are created equally. When it comes to transporting your precious belongings, be sure to carefully select the local moving company with the best customer experience, industry knowledge, and ability to handle any type of move.

Qualities That Set Moving Companies Apart

  1. Customer Experience. A company dedicated to customer service provides support throughout the entire process. Customer service is everyone’s responsibility, so no matter who you speak to at the company, you receive attentive care that meets your needs. Look for a company that provides a great experience with a reputation for happy customers.
  2. Industry Knowledge. A local moving company in Vancouver that has a long-standing history will have the experience to handle any kind of move. Knowledgeable moving companies know the ways to make moves more efficient, smoother, and easier on you.
  3. Range Of Capabilities. Whether your move is standard or unique, look for a company experienced in handling any kind of move. A moving company should be capable of handling both complex and standard moves. They should understand the moving process in its entirety and support your move needs.

Picking A Local Moving Company In Vancouver

You don’t need to be an expert in the moving industry to pick a good local moving company; you just need to know a few criteria to help you identify the best. A quality moving company will have testimonials from former customers, how many years they were in business, and their ability to handle any move.

When you need to move, it’s a stressful and difficult process enough. You need to de-stress by finding the right movers. At Mountain Movers, we value the customer and provide excellent services to make your move smooth and easy for you. Let our years of experienced staff handle everything, so you can concentrate on enjoying your new home. Just call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online for a quote to get started, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Avoid DIY Moves With Vancouver Movers

Rather than move yourself, let local Vancouver movers work with you. Even though it’s possible to move yourself, think twice before tackling a move alone. There are many reasons, such as avoiding personal injury and feeling overly stressed, to rely on professional movers.

Working Alone Is Difficult And Dangerous

When you work alone, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You may start with enthusiasm, but the energy and effort of working solo during your move can easily wear you down. When you work with professional Vancouver movers, then you’ll have help with every step of the process from packing to settling into your new home.

  • Packing Is A Process. Packing may seem easy, but you can quickly find yourself with a mess of boxes and belongings. There is more to the process than at first glance; it’s actually a bit of an art. When you work with your local movers, you’ll get tips for packing, such as filling small boxes with heavy items and big boxes with lighter ones. Plus they can even provide the boxes! Other tips, such as labeling the boxes with their designated room, makes the move more efficient.
  • Safety Should Be First. Another reason to work with local Vancouver movers is your safety. Lifting heavy furniture, loading vans or trucks, and stacking boxes should be left to the professionals to avoid accidents or injury. Even if you can lift heavy boxes, remember that moving requires repetitive lifting of large, bulky items. Professional movers have equipment and tools, like looped belts for lifting, which help absorb the weight and allow them to move big objects repeatedly.

Professional Movers Have Experience

Most people only move a few times in their lives, so they are inexperienced about the level of effort that a move requires. It seems possible to handle everything alone, but many people find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted by the process. Rather than struggle alone, find Vancouver movers who will take care of everything and avoid the risks of a do-it-yourself move.

At Mountain Movers, we have the expertise to handle your entire move for you. Call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online to schedule an appointment, so you can avoid the dangers and stress of doing it yourself.

Make Your Move Easy With Helpful Vancouver Moving Services

Before embarking on a move, discover which Vancouver moving services are available to help. No matter what you need, you’ll find a service for all stages of your move, even packing! Instead of enduring a difficult moving process, Mountain Movers will make your move a smooth and seamless process.

Help At All Stages

At any point during your move, there should be Vancouver moving services to handle every step. From customer service representatives to movers, there should always be someone available to help.

Preparing To Move. When you decide that it’s time to move, Vancouver moving services are here to get you started. You’ll want a moving company with excellent customer service to establish a quote and schedule a time for your move.

Getting Ready. Once you know the move date, you’ll want to pack beforehand. Our moving services can provide packing services and boxes for your big move.

Working With Movers. Don’t expect to know everything about your move! You don’t need to worry about your moving day if you hire experienced, professional movers. Your movers should be ready to assist you and make your moving day easy and stress-free. Whether answering any questions, carefully prepping your furniture, or driving to the new location, caring moving personnel will put you at ease.

Unloading The Truck. On the other end of the move, you want to have good communication with your movers. You should feel comfortable talking to the movers about the locations of furniture, putting boxes in their designated rooms, and protecting the integrity of your new home from move damage.

Making Your Move Smoother

Moving is stressful, so take advantage of Vancouver moving services to make your move more smooth. No matter which stage you need to handle, there is someone who can help. It’s not necessary to struggle or stress! The experienced staff and personnel are there to help you.

At Mountain Movers, we offer services to make every step of your move more smooth. Let us work with you to develop a quote and get your move started. Call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online for the moving services available to you.

Why Choose Professional Movers In Vancouver?


There are many reasons to choose professional movers in Vancouver before hosting a “moving party”. It may seem like fun to get a bunch of friends together to pack up your things, but there’s more to the story. Asking friends or family to help you move could potentially put them in danger.

Keep Your Friends Safe

When you ask a friend or relative to move your furniture or boxes, they may strain themselves. Your friends, while well-meaning don’t have experience lifting boxes and may injure themselves trying.

Only Professionals Should Handle Your Move

There are skills and techniques that professional movers apply when they lift, including:

  • Proper Lifting Techniques. Professional movers know how to avoid lifting with their back muscles, so that their legs carry most of the weight. It’s much better on the body when the large thigh and calf muscles support the extra weight. Also, professional movers use gloves to improve their grip and protect their hands from injuries.
  • Securing Your Furniture. Friends and family usually just “grab ‘n’ go” when hauling your furniture out. However, professional movers in Vancouver understand how to handle heavy furniture to make the move easier. Professionals come with supplies, like plastic wrap, that cover furniture to protect the fabric, improve their grip, and contain any loose cushions.
  • Proper Equipment. Professional movers will also bring the right equipment for the job. Moving companies supply furniture and crate dollies, harnessed moving straps with handholds, and ramps. More importantly, professional movers are trained to use this equipment.

Save The Heavy Lifting For The Professionals

It’s great to have friends or relatives willing to help you move! But asking them to move your home could potentially get them injured. Protect them by hiring professional movers in Vancouver. At Mountain Movers, we have personnel who are trained to handle the heavy lifting with skill and ease. Save the pizza party with your friends and family for a celebration in your new home after your move. Call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online to schedule professionals to handle your move.