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Residential Moving Companies: Vancouver Winter Moves

By admin on 27 December 18 Latest News

If you find you’ll need to move your household over the winter, there is some good news and some challenges. Residential moving companies in Vancouver and surrounding areas typically have better availability during the winter months, so you should have an easier time of getting the move date you want and need. The weather, however, introduces some challenges, not all of which are immediately obvious, so thinking ahead and planning are more important than ever to make your move safe and successful.

Fairly Obvious Challenges

Planning ahead for the fairly obvious challenges like rain, ice, or potential snow should go without saying, but think a little deeper when you’re making your moving plan. You’re probably used to shovelling your own driveway and sidewalks on a regular basis, and you probably know where puddles tend to accumulate on your property during heavy rain. In preparing for your move date, though, you may want to make plans to have someone else take care of making sure all of the access paths and driveway are free of any ice, snow, or standing water. That may mean someone needs to start working a day or two ahead, scraping and salting, if conditions are really bad.

Less Obvious Challenges

When temperatures dip toward freezing, you may be surprised to find that certain household goods will be more vulnerable to breakage or damage, unless they’re packed and handled with special care. For example, china and crystal are more likely to break when they’re extremely cold, so you should think about adding more padding, which doubles as insulation, in those boxes, and make sure that those boxes don’t get stacked in an area like the garage, that isn’t heated, before the move. Electronics are another group of items you should insulate well and stage inside the house, where they’ll stay at room temperature until they’re placed in the van.

Mountain Movers Stands A Peak Above The Competition

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