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Make Things Easy For Your Moving Company: Vancouver Moving Tips

When you’re preparing to move, there are some things you can do to make everything easier and faster for your moving company. Vancouver residents can save on labour costs and stress by taking some simple-but-critical steps. Here’s the first moving tip: Be sure you’re completely finished packing before your movers are scheduled to arrive.

Plan Time In Your New Home To Prepare

If you’re making a local move, set aside some time to go to your new home and get things ready for an efficient move-in. Be sure any interior doors that may need to be temporarily un-hung in order to fit furniture and appliances through them are down and safely stowed where they won’t be in the way but will be easy to access after the move.

Use painter’s tape to mark the walls where the furniture and any appliance you’re bringing with you will go. Label the door or door jamb in each room, so the movers know what you’re calling those rooms when you label the boxes that belong in them. If you really want to streamline things, you can purchase sets of colored labels or rolls of tape, so every room has a color. Be sure to put a sample of the tape or a sticker on the corresponding room in the house.

If you’re making a long-distance move, be prepared with these supplies and some markers in a bag that will travel with you, so you can go quickly through the house as soon as you arrive and get things ready for the movers.

Pack With Your New Home In Mind

By nature, most people tend to pack things according to where they were in our old homes. If you think, instead, about where you want to put them in your new home, you’ll have an easier time of finding things and getting settled in quickly. It’s a smart idea to number your boxes and keep an inventory in your phone’s notepad or a paper pad. Make sure everyone who is packing boxes is consistent in how they name rooms, so the movers are clear on what goes where. Nothing slows down a move and sucks up labour time like making your movers stop and ask where everything goes.

Book A Trusted Moving Company In Vancouver

Mountain Movers is a locally owned and operated moving company in Vancouver. Our philosophy is simple: We provide safe, efficient moving services, and we deliver on time, every time. That how we’ve earned the trust, loyalty, and praise of our customers year after year. Give us a call or contact us online for a quote and we’ll give you an accurate, no-hidden-charges estimate for your Vancouver residential move.

Make The Most Of Working With A Vancouver Moving Company

When you’re preparing your home and belongings to work with a Vancouver moving company, there are a few simple things you can do to help everything run more smoothly on both ends of your move, and cut your stress and costs in the process. Here are some helpful moving tips to make your move as smooth as possible.

Purge, Purge, Purge!

Start with things that have expiration dates: Food, spices, makeup, medicines. Attack closets and basement storage next. If someone hasn’t used or worn an item in the past year, give it to friends who can use it or donate it to charity. Don’t forget to purge the linen and coat closets, too! One other place where many households can slim down for a move is in space-eating, low-cost items like boxes of coffee filters, tea bags or hot cocoa. If you can easily replace something for little cost, it’s probably not worth paying to pack and move.

Pack Efficiently

Again, since you’re paying for space and boxes for everything you move, you should think about what’s actually in those boxes. Large, empty items like cookware, mixing bowls, baking pans, vases can be packed with smaller items like jars of spices, jewelry rolled up in towels or plastic wrap, office supplies, or a million other things. Think about what you’re moving that could serve as packing materials.
For example, you can pack dishes in t-shirts and sweaters. Parkas work well to fill the empty space in boxes with heavy, awkward items like ceramic or glass bowls. You can pack glasses and stemware in socks, and use towels and bedding to protect framed pictures or any other fragile items. Rolls of toilet paper or paper towels, or medium-sized Ziploc bags filled with paper napkins also make good packing materials.

Chose The Right Vancouver Moving Company

Mountain Movers is a Vancouver moving company that has earned its reputation for reliable service, honesty, and efficiency through years of safely moving people’s belongings in to their new homes. Give us a call or contact us online for a quote, and rest assured you can count on our estimators to give you an accurate estimate with no hidden fees.

Trusted Moving Services In Maple Ridge

If you’re getting ready for a local or long-distance residential move in Maple Ridge or anywhere else in the greater Vancouver area, do yourself a favour and talk to the professionals at Mountain Movers while you’re gathering quotes. We’re a locally owned and operated company and our team members take pride in being part of the local community. We’ve built a reputation for excellent service and taking care of our customers’ homes and belongings like they were our own.

Get A Quote You Can Count On

When you call Mountain Movers for a quote on your Maple Ridge move, we know what questions to ask to give you an accurate quote you can trust with no hidden charges. We understand that homeowners don’t always know what will be required in terms of time or materials to get everything safely packed, loaded, and moved into their new home. We also know that when you’re planning a move, you’re probably under a lot of stress. Rely on our trained estimators to learn what they need to know to tell you up front what your move will actually cost.

Protecting Your Homes And Belongings

The last thing anyone needs when they’re in the middle of a move is dealing with repairs to the house they’re leaving or the one they’re moving into. Our experienced movers will bring the materials and state-of-the-art equipment they need to make sure everything is packed and loaded safely, without causing damage to either of your houses. Because our employees are locals, they’re experienced in packing and loading to protect against rain, ice, and snow, so even when you need to move in fall or winter, rest assured that we’ve got you covered!

Call Mountain Movers For Trusted Moving Services In Maple Ridge

When you have your firm move date, give Mountain Movers a call or contact us online. We’ll help you work out a plan for your local or long-distance move, give you a quote, and schedule packing and moving services in Maple Ridge or anywhere else in the greater Vancouver area. We’re available to move you 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Surrey Moving Services For Local Or Long-Distance Moves

Whether you’re moving into or out of Surrey, moving services from Mountain Movers will help take the stress and worry out of your move. Our trained professional movers and drivers take pride in packing and moving our customers’ household goods as carefully as if they were their own. That’s because as a locally owned and operated company, we and our employees are part of the community and taking care of our neighbours is part of our business philosophy.

Meticulous Packing For Safe Transport

When you hire us to pack your home, we’ll bring quality packing materials and an experienced crew. We make sure all of your belongings are wrapped and packed appropriately, so things aren’t damaged during the move. The success of our business depends on our customers’ satisfaction and earning their trust, so they’ll refer family, friends, and colleagues. We’re here to stay, and that means it’s never good enough for us to just be “good enough.” We provide every customer with personalized service that ensures the best moving experience possible.

On Time, Every Time

Our fleet of dependable vehicles and experienced drivers with local knowledge help us keep our promise to deliver on time, every time. We won’t squander your trust or your budget by taking your loaded truck into predictable hold-ups like rush-hour traffic, construction zones, or roads that are likely to flood or experience a mudslide in foul weather.

Attention To Detail And Direction

When we arrive at your new home, our team is ready to follow your directions about where to place your belongings. They’ll provide floor protection when it’s needed, and will work to protect walls, door jambs, and all the other surfaces in your brand-new home, so you don’t have to make repairs before you can settle in and enjoy it. Speed is important, but attention to detail is even more important, and we won’t take short-cuts at the expense of your home or belongings.

Call Mountain Movers For A Quote On Surrey Moving Services

Give us a call or contact us online to get a quote on your next move in Surrey. We’ll work with you to find out exactly what you need and want, and provide an accurate estimate for the services and materials you’ll need.