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Find The Best Moving Services In Vancouver

Finding reputable moving services in Vancouver takes time and research, but it’s worth the effort. Knowing that you’ve found qualified moving services in Vancouver can give you peace of mind knowing that all of your items are being well cared for throughout transport. Don’t rush through the screening process with professional movers. Follow a few simple tips to ensure you find qualified, reputable moving services in Vancouver for your upcoming relocation.

Go Local

Hire a local mover whenever possible. Finding moving services in Vancouver for your upcoming relocation means you can avoid the risk of hiring a less-than-reputable provider who operates solely online. Additionally, using a mover in your area means you can ensure they have an actual physical location and are a business in good operational standing.

Read Reviews

While hiring movers solely online is a bad idea, reading reviews about movers online is a great idea. Check out digital review sites to see the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly on any given provider. Seeing how former customers rate services is a sound way to determine if you can entrust them with your business.

Get Project Estimates

More specifically get estimates after an in-home inspection. Some moving services in Vancouver will give you a price quote over the phone, without ever actually seeing the scope of the project. For a more accurate price quote ask the provider to send a representative to your home to carefully go through and see exactly what needs to be moved.

Don’t Give A Large Deposit

A qualified moving firm usually won’t ask for a deposit of more than 20% of the estimated move cost. In fact, most companies won’t ask for any payment at all until after your move is completed. A moving company that asks for a significant down payment is a major red flag and a sign you should keep looking for a more qualified, reputable provider.

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3 Things To Do After You’ve Hired A Professional Moving Company In Vancouver

You’ve researched, screened, and hired a professional moving company in Vancouver for your upcoming relocation. Now what? Your move date is swiftly approaching, and you’re beginning to feel stress and anxiety thinking about everything that needs to get done before then. The best way to overcome the dreaded “moving day frazzle” is to be prepared. Take a step-by-step approach to your relocation by following a few simple tips on how to handle your move after you’ve hired a professional moving company in Vancouver (and before you start packing).

Put Together A Checklist

It’s easy to forget key details when planning your move. Create a detailed checklist to keep you focused and prevent things from falling through the cracks. When creating your itemized list, go beyond the basics. Remind yourself of the more obscure things that need to occur with your move, such as getting a new license, rerouting your mail, and changing recurring bills.

Take Inventory

We all accumulate lots (and lots and lots) of stuff in our lifetime. How much of it do you actually want to haul with you to your new home? The answer will determine how long you’ll need for packing. Carefully go through each room to get a rough idea of how much you can give away as well as an estimate of how long you’ll need to pack each space.

Begin The Purge

Whenever possible, purge before you pack. Start with the rooms you’ve already determined need the most time and systematically go through everything within the space. Remember, purge doesn’t have to mean, “throw it away and let it sit in a landfill for the rest of the eternity.” There are plenty of ways to ensure your items find a new home. You can give things directly to friends or donate them to a local daycare/charity/senior center. You can even hold a giant garage sale before your move to make a little spending money on the items you no longer use. Just be sure to put the garage sale on your moving checklist so you don’t forget to do it.

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How To Have A Stress-Free Moving Day

Moving any distance can be challenging for anyone. What is the first, and possibly most important, way to minimize stress during your upcoming move? Hire professional Vancouver movers. A reputable team of Vancouver movers will manage all of the details of your relocation to guarantee your belongings arrive at your new address quickly and safely.

Of course, hiring experienced Vancouver movers is a single component of a successful move. There are other steps to take before your moving day to keep your anxiety levels low. When planning for a stress-free move, follow these important tips:

Clear Your Schedule

Even if you do hire professional movers in Vancouver to handle your transport, you will still have to prepare in advance for your relocation. The best way to eliminate stress during your move is to focus on setting aside as much time as possible for everything you’ll need to accomplish before moving day. Clear your (and your family’s) schedule as much as possible in the weeks leading up to your move so you can put together a reasonable plan for moving success.

Declutter Your Current Home

Moving to a new location is a perfect time to purge yourself of anything you don’t want or need at your new address. Commence decluttering your house as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of being overwhelmed with just too much stuff come move day. Separate your items into four specific categories: keep, sell, donate, and recycle. Post things online, donate to charity, have a yard sale. Do your best to find a new home or purpose for as many of your items as possible to ensure they don’t end up in a landfill.

Pack, Pack, Pack

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything you don’t need, you can begin packing all the things that will come with you to your new home. Begin with the items you want to bring with you, but know you won’t actually use again before your move. Then go systematically through each room to pack items together. Carefully label each box so it gets placed exactly where it should in at your new place for convenient unpacking as well.

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What To Ask When Hiring A Moving Company In Vancouver

If you’re moving, you already know you have to make a lot of decisions in a very short amount of time. Not only do you have to choose your actual moving date, but you also have to coordinate other details such as canceling and establishing utilities, signing up for the new school system, and a host of other details before you can arrive at your future home sweet home.

One of the most critical choices you’ll have to make can often be the most challenging: finding the right moving company in Vancouver to entrust with your business. With so many potential moving vendors competing for your attention, it can be difficult to find a company that has the experience and skills you’ll need to complete your job properly. Go into the process armed with these important questions to ensure you hire the right moving company in Vancouver for your project.

Are You Licensed And Insured?

This two-part inquiry is possibly the most vital question you can ask when searching for a professional moving company in Vancouver. An established business will be both licensed and insured. Asking this during the screening process will not only eliminate potential scams, but it can also deliver peace of mind that your belongings are protected and covered should the get damaged.

Do You Have Experience With Moves Like Mine?

Everyone’s move is different and has its own unique set of circumstances. Long-distance moves, high-rise apartment buildings, multiples stories – whatever your move looks like, it’s critical to determine that your vendor will have the knowledge needed to handle yours efficiently.

Do You Have References?

Never hire a moving company in Vancouver that can’t provide a list of references. A reputable moving company will always be able offer a list of previously satisfied customers who are willing to tell you about their experience with the company.

Can You Provide A Binding Quote?

Pricing obviously will play a major role in your final decision. When interviewing a potential moving company in Vancouver, it’s important to narrow down your costs as much as possible. Discuss a binding quote or a not-to-exceed estimate so you can go into the decision-making process armed with the information you need to make the right choice.

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Tips From Your Moving Company In Surrey: Make Your Downsizing Move A Success

If you’re downsizing, there’s a lot to do before you move. The first item on your must-do list should be to hire a professional mover in Surrey. Working with an experienced local moving company in Surrey can eliminate the stress and chaos associated with a household downsizing. Knowing that they will arrive when you’re ready for them is one less thing you will have to worry about on move day.

Once you’ve secured your moving company in Surrey, you can officially focus on the many other things you need to manage before downsizing, like getting rid of what you will no longer need at your new address. Follow a few simple tips to ensure you purge and pack with purpose.

Start ASAP

Start going through your stuff as soon as possible, so you can devote your time to moving in to your new home.

Waiting Until The Last Minute Can Mean You Either:

1) Purge everything just to feel like you’re actually making a dent in your mountain of belongings. You may regret this, because you’ve thrown out things that you need.

2) Purge nothing and take everything with you. This is a lateral move and defeats the purpose of a purge.

Don’t procrastinate, use your time wisely. Purge for an hour every day and, surprisingly, you’ll make a significant dent in a short amount of time.

Create Your Discard Pile

As you begin going through your items, you will want to create your discard pile. Carefully consider every item you come across to determine the last time you actually used it (or even saw it). If something is no longer being used or no longer serves a purpose, it’s time to go. Remember, as you go through your stuff, go with your gut. Prolonging the decision can mean talking yourself out of letting go of things that will only gather dust in your new place.

Donate What You Can

Just because something ends up in your discard pile doesn’t mean that it has to wind up spending eternity in a landfill. Put your items that are still wearable or functioning into a pile for donating. Contact a local charity organization to coordinate a pickup of your items to make the process as convenient as possible.

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Unexpected Benefits Of Hiring Professional Movers In Vancouver

Should you handle your upcoming move on your own or hire professional movers in Vancouver? The choice can be a challenging one. While you may initially feel reluctant to spend money on professional movers in Vancouver, cost alone shouldn’t be a determining factor. Hiring experienced movers can offer a wide range of benefits, including:

You Get To Keep Your Friends

Yes, plenty of your friends, family members, and loved ones will help you move. However, ask yourself honestly, how many of them actually want to help you move? It’s probably a very small number. Working with professional movers in Vancouver means you get to avoid an awkward conversation about everyone pitching in on your move day. Better still, not asking people to help you move means that they won’t expect you to help them move should the need arise.

Consolidate The Process

Moving requires contacting a multitude of vendors and facilities to coordinate all of the necessary details. You will have to reach out to doctors, utility companies, schools, and your entire personal network to ensure they know all of the relevant moving information. If you move yourself, you add an entirely new dimension of things you will have to manage on your own. Full-service professional movers in Vancouver instantly consolidate everything having to do with your move. They have the needed vehicles and manpower to ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new home.

No Driving (And Parking) Big Vehicles

If you manage your move on your own, you will probably have to rent a moving truck for transport. Moving trucks are big and potentially difficult to operate. You have enough to stress over on your moving day – you shouldn’t have to also worry about driving and parallel parking a giant vehicle holding all of your worldly possessions. Working with a professional mover means that you won’t have to worry about renting a truck. Instead, your mover will arrive with their own truck and equipment to help make your move as streamlined and convenience as possible.  
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Looking To Cut Moving Costs? Use Professional Movers In Surrey

Are you getting ready to move to a new home-sweet-home? Congratulations! Moving is an exciting milestone; however, it can also be rife with stress and anxiety, particularly when it comes to the overall expense associated with relocation. Knowing a few key ways to control costs can help minimize frazzled feelings and ensure you keep your money where it belongs, in your pocket.

Cut Costs During Your Move By:

Hiring Professional (And Affordable) Movers In Surrey

The first step in managing your moving budget is to hire professional and experienced movers in Surrey to handle all the heavy lifting for you. Movers in Surrey have the skills, labour, and equipment you’ll need to get all of your belongings from Point A to Point B safely for ultimate peace of mind.

Purge What You Don’t Need  

Moving means you’ll become acquainted with all of your belongings throughout the packing process. Also, many movers in Surrey charge by the hour or for the overall weight of your items. As you start boxing things up, ask yourself if an item is something you currently want, need, or use. Donate or recycle anything that you don’t want to take with you. Having few items to move can make a direct impact on overall costs; fewer belongings means less total weight and/or less time needed to complete your job.

Don’t Lose Track Of Packing Materials

If you’ve hired a professional mover in Surrey, you may have access to industrial-quality packing materials. However, you may still need to find or buy other important items such as boxes, tape, and packing peanuts. Create a careful budget that outlines exactly what you’ll need and stick to it. Only buying things as you need them can help you stay on track with your packing supply costs. Of course, there is an even better way to cut costs when it comes to packing materials. Look for free boxes. Reach out to friends and family members, to see if they have any you can use for your move. You can also try sites like Freecycle or even Craigslist to find other options in your area. Finally, many local businesses will be happy to donate empty boxes to your cause just to get them out of their way.

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5 Things To Do Before Your Professional Movers In Maple Ridge Arrive

Hiring professional movers in Maple Ridge helps mitigate worry and inconvenience surrounding your upcoming move. However, even hiring movers in Maple Ridge to manage your move doesn’t mean you won’t still have tasks to manage before (and during) your move day. Knowing a few helpful tips can save you a significant amount of time and ensure you’re prepared for when your moving company in Maple Ridge arrives.

Purge, Purge, Purge

Moving presents an ideal opportunity to get rid of things you’ll never use again once you’re in your new home. Go through everything to de-clutter your living spaces before the move to simplify the entire moving process. Sell, donate, and recycle everything you can to ensure most of your unwanted belongings stay out of landfills.

Identify Things That Can’t Be Moved

You probably don’t want to move all your perishable food with you and you definitely shouldn’t bring hazardous materials when you go. Contact friends, family, and neighbours to see if anyone within your network would like dibs on these items before you leave.

Inventory Your Items

Moving day is hectic and things can easily get misdirected in your new home. Create a detailed inventory that lists everything that is coming with you. Not only will this list help you organize your stuff in your new space, it can also help you track anything that gets lost or damaged.

Separate Important Belongings

No matter how trustworthy your professional movers in Maple Ridge are, some of your belongings should stay with you at all times during move day. Separate important items such as personal documents, valuables, and electronic devices so you know exactly where they are throughout transport.

Bonus Note: Chances are, your moving day is going to a long one. Always pack snacks and water in your bag of important moving day items to stay hydrated and energized.

Make A Plan For Pets And Children

Small children and pets can easily get underfoot during your move. Don’t subject them to the trials and tribulations of a moving day; work with family and friends to coordinate care for your kids and pets for peace of mind that they are well cared for during your move.

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Tips For Success When Working With A Moving Company In Maple Ridge

You’ve signed the initial papers, you’ve picked a closing date, you’ve finished packing (almost), and you’ve hired a reputable moving company in Maple Ridge to help make your relocation as easy and convenient as possible…so you’re pretty much done, right? Not exactly. While finding your dream home, packing and finding a qualified moving company in Maple Ridge are all critical components to moving success, you still have a few key factors to plan for to ensure the big day is both convenient and stress-free.

When getting ready for your relocation, consider these important tips to keep the ball moving forward on moving day.

Find Parking For The Moving Truck

Even the most prepared would-be mover has been known to drop the ball when it comes to securing parking for the moving truck at both locations. Don’t be one of them. If you live in an apartment, discuss your needs with your landlord to ensure you have all the space you’ll need for the truck. Don’t forget to make arrangements at your new address as well to guarantee the movers will have direct access to each home for door-to-door service.

Call Dibs On Elevators

If you live on a higher floor, reserving elevators before moving day is a must. Otherwise you run the risk of you and your movers being at the mercy of everyone else coming and going throughout the many floors of your apartment all day long. Try to reserve the elevator in your apartment for a specific block of time. This will keep things progressing smoothly throughout the move. Most importantly, be sure to ask what type of certification the landlord may need from your moving company in Maple Ridge in advance so you can present it before your move.

Label Boxes (All Of Them)

It’s a major achievement to get all of your belongings packed before moving day hits. However, simply packing the boxes up isn’t enough. You also need to take the time to label each and every box before it’s put into the moving truck. Why? Because if you don’t, not only will the movers not know where to put them when unloading, but you’ll waste precious time once you’ve arrived in your home trying to sort through your belongings.

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Find Out About Your New Vancouver Postal Code Before You Move

Most people do perform some basic research before purchasing a new home in Vancouver. However, it’s usually a light search. Once they decide Vancouver is the right place for them, they speed through the house searching experience and quickly partner with Vancouver movers to keep the process moving forward. While it’s not wrong…it could shortchange the overall experience. Vancouver is an area rich with many thriving vibrant neighbourhoods. It’s important to pinpoint the neighbourhood that will best work for your lifestyle needs. Don’t rush through the process and settle for the first home you find. Take your time to dig a little deeper and determine where you’ll best enjoy everything this gorgeous city has to offer.

Check Out Relevant Neighbourhood Databases

The Internet is awash with all manners of relevant, objective data on various Vancouver neighbourhoods – don’t be afraid to tap into it to compare different areas and how they will each suit your needs. Some sites will give you a general city overview. However, others will really dig into collected information, ranking specific neighbourhoods and streets based on popularity. You can even check websites that offer how close your potential new home will be to parks, stores, coffee shops and other types of places.

Visit City Hall

Going directly to City Hall is a great way to determine what the city has to offer to its community members. Go online or even take a trip in person to speak with someone about activities, events, and other municipal happenings. Beyond goings-on, City Hall is also the best place to find out information about Internet providers, utilities, and other important services you need to get your new home move-in ready when the time comes.

Read Recent User Forums

Sometimes the best way to hear about the local quality of life is from the locals themselves. There are several online review sites where everyday people have the opportunity to publish their opinions, comments, and posts on pretty much everything. Go through social media posts or visit sites like Yelp and Google+ to read honest feedback from residents on what different Vancouver neighbourhoods have to offer.

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