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Large Furniture And Appliance Moving: Not A DIY Project

Many people assume they only need a to team with a professional moving company in Maple Ridge when they are relocating to a new home. They believe that changing addresses requires outside help but moving large furniture and appliances to a difference spot in the same home is more of a do-it-yourself endeavor.

However, this simply isn’t the case; especially when moving larger items in your home. Working with a professional moving company in Maple Ridge means entrusting your belongings to a crew of skilled and experienced workers who have the insight needed to safely relocate your possessions to another living space in your current home. Most importantly, using qualified moving specialists means that you don’t have to risk getting injured relocating items throughout your home. They manage the entire process for you; you simply have to point where the object should be placed.

Reasons To Hire Professionals Movers For An In-Home Move

Still not convinced that you will ever need to hire a moving company in Maple Ridge to move items in your home? Here a just a few reasons you may want to reconsider:

Home Renovations

Refinishing your hardwood floors? Installing a new carpet? Painting? These are just some of the many home renovations that may require you to move furniture and/or appliances within the home. Most contractors will not handle the task for you, making a professional moving crew a must.

New Furniture Delivery

Buying new furniture or appliances often means finding somewhere to put your old set. If you find that your furniture delivery service won’t take old pieces, or if you can’t find a donation pick-up service to remove your old stuff, you now officially have a backup option with a moving team.

Relocating To A New Floor

Sometimes you can’t simply push an object across the floor to its new location. Sometimes you will have relocate it to a different floor to place it in a new resting place. If you have an object too heavy to lift, contact a professional moving team to help.

If you have larger items to relocate, Mountain Movers can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Moving Company Quotes 101: Know What You’re Signing Up For

Choosing the right moving company in Langley can feel challenging at best. Your final selection will have a major impact in your overall moving experience. While price alone shouldn’t influence your choice, it is a critical factor to consider.

Knowing how to read and compare quotes can help you choose the best moving company in Langley for your upcoming relocation. When beginning the process, contact at least three viable prospects to request quotes for your move. A quality moving company in Langley will come to your home to visually estimate the cost of your job and provide a written quote. Once you receive these estimates, you may be surprised to learn that moving companies may use different cost calculations. Once you have all three quotes, compare costs by knowing some key details you may find on your documentation.

Contract Based On Weight

Some movers base the cost of your relocation on weight. When coming to your home to assess your move, they will only be able to estimate the overall weight of your items. This means that your quote may be non-binding or subject to change upon the final move. When comparing quotes, make sure that you are comparing weight-based estimates to other weight-based estimates for an accurate per pound comparison. If you move forward with a moving company in Langley who charges based on weight, you will want to perform a purge on your possessions before moving day. Getting rid of larger items that you no longer need is an excellent way to save money.

Contract Based On Distance

You may find that other movers base their estimate on the distance of your transport. When meeting with a moving company in Langley who quotes based on distance, discuss exactly how much the company charges per mile so you can not only compare it to other evaluations, but you can also compare that number to the written estimate they provide. Always break down the total amount of miles you’re being charged for on your quote to ensure it’s accurate to your own estimation of distance you’re moving.

Compare Extra Fees And Costs

Before making your final decision, always inquire about extra fees and costs that you may incur during the move. For example, items that require special handling or storage may mean paying above what’s listed on your initial quote. Knowing if you have belongings that may cost extra is a good way to make any necessary arrangements in advance to keep your final payment as low as possible.

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