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Vancouver Movers at Mountain Movers Specialize in Local Services

Vancouver, British Columbia – November 2, 2015 – In addition to long-distance and commercial moving services, the Vancouver moversat Mountain Movers also offer reliable local services that cater to anything from high-traffic conditions to tight spaces.

When conducting local moves, companies must be aware of the traffic conditions and roadwork in the area to ensure timely deliveries. At Mountain Movers, workers are familiar with all of the conditions in the Vancouver, Surrey, Langley and Maple Ridge areas to ensure that your move proceeds without a hitch.

Whether your home is a house, apartment or condo, there are always a couple of small spaces and tight areas that can make the move very difficult to do on your own. Hiring an experienced moving company will ensure that your belongings make it through these spaces without being damaged or causing any damage to your new home.

If you’re planning a local move and want to invest in a company that has the knowledge and experience to deal with any kind of traffic and building conditions, the Vancouver movers at Mountain Movers offer a level of service that guarantees a quality job. For more information or further questions, give them a call at 778.378.6683 and they can get started on a custom moving plan for you.

About Mountain Movers

With a variety of moving services, Mountain Movers ensure that Vancouver residents always have reliable professionals as an option when planning their relocation. Their properly trained drivers and friendly staff will ensure that the process is as comfortable for you as possible and guarantees the safe transportation of all of your belongings. For more information, visit

Packing Tips for Long Distance Moving from Our Surrey Movers

Given the nature of long distance moving, ensuring that your items are securely protected is very important. Failing to do so can damage your property and turn your move into a nightmare. Our Surrey movers at Mountain Movers have compiled the following blog to give you some tips on how to properly package your belongings for long distance moving trips.


When making a long distance move, you may find yourself sifting through your belongings and deciding what is most essential. Maybe you have a box of CDs that you never listen to anymore or an old couch that needs to be replaced – whatever the case, getting rid of items that aren’t necessities is a great way to de-clutter and make your move more efficient.

Proper Protection

Bubble wrap, packing paper, blankets and straps to hold your items down are all tools that should be taken advantage of to ensure that your belongings remain safe during the course of your move. This is especially important for delicate items such as mirrors and other fragile objects.

Specialty Packing Supplies

There are various specialty-packing supplies on the market that can make your move much easier and safer. For example, there are flat picture boxes for mirrors and wardrobe boxes for clothing. Although these will cost you more, they’re worth the investment in the long run for the security that they offer.

Always Get Insurance

No matter how well you pack your goods, there’s always the chance of an accident or other event damaging your items. Investing in insurance can give you peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens, you’ll have the proper coverage to replace or repair any damage to your belongings.

At Mountain Movers, our Surrey movers can help you tackle your long distance move and ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home in the same condition that they left in. We offer our quality services to residents of Vancouver, Surrey, Langley and Maple Ridge. For more information or further questions, give us a call at 778.378.6683.