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How To Label And Organize To Get The Most Of Moving Services In Maple Ridge

If you’re hiring professional moving services for your Maple Ridge area residential move, here are a few tips to help save you time and money! When you label your boxes efficiently and get everything organized before the movers arrive, they’ll be able to keep moving at top speed through loading and unloading your household.

Label Efficiently 

The more complete an inventory you include on the outside of the box, the easier it will be for you to unpack it later. What matters to your movers, though, is that every box is clearly labeled on the top and at least one side with the destination in your new home. If the box contains something fragile and you’re concerned about crushing, label it “FRAGILE” on top, so they know not to place something heavy on top of it. It’s also a good idea to mark extra heavy boxes so your movers can see what needs to be loaded in first.

Stage As Best You Can

Ideally, you’d stage all the boxes in the household in one area on the same level as the door you want the movers to use. You may not have enough space or the physical ability to do that and your movers understand that. What you can do to make things easier for them is to keep the furniture in each room accessible and stack boxes so that they can grab the heaviest ones first.

Don’t Forget Outdoor Items

If you are moving outdoor items like patio furniture or a grill, be sure they’re protected fro the weather before moving day so your movers don’t have to spend extra time getting them dry for loading into the truck. If you’re moving live plants, be sure your mover knows that in advance. If you surprise them with a patio full of potted plants on moving day, there may not be enough space for them all.

Reliable Moving Services In Maple Ridge 

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Tips From Professional Movers In Vancouver: How To Have A Happy Move With Kids

Moving a household that includes children can be especially stressful, even when you’re working with professional movers. Vancouver families can make things a little easier on the whole family by using some smart strategies and planning ahead.

Packing Is A Drag. Make It Better!

Give every child who’s old enough a crayon, and assign them a “work buddy” who will actually be packing boxes: A parent or older sibling, for example. Toddlers and preschoolers may be content to simply colour on the packed boxes, but if they start running out of steam, be prepared to inspire them with questions like their favourite type of dog, tree, or flower. Slightly older kids might respond well to imagination prompts like, “What do you think your new teacher will look like?” Kids who are a bit older, but not quite old enough to actually pack boxes, might be able to draw pictures of what’s in the box on the side or make up a secret code they can use for labeling boxes (in addition to the official box labels, of course!).

Kids And Pets Can Help Each Other Out 

If your kids and pets are getting restless during packing time, or if you need everyone out from underfoot while the movers are loading and unloading, consider ways you can assign the kids to help keep the pets (and themselves) entertained and calm. Younger children may be able to help manage pets in an enclosed space like a walk-in closet, while older kids might be able to supervise younger siblings and pets while they burn off some energy outside.

Make Unpacking A Game

Ask children if they can remember what’s inside any boxes they coloured or wrote on during packing. Even toddlers can help to unpack. Once they learn the layout of your new home, hand them small and unbreakable objects one at a time and ask them to put it in the room where it belongs. They’ll have fun until they’re worn out and then they’ll sleep soundly. If you have kids who are old enough to read but not necessarily big enough to help moving boxes around, you can ask them to locate whatever you want to put away next and they’ll proudly lead you to it. Set a break time and let them know that everyone who stays on task until then gets to go out for ice cream! It’s important to remember that we all need breaks while we’re unpacking!

Mountain Movers: Your Professional Movers In Vancouver

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Advice From Moving Companies In North Vancouver: How To Shoot Your Move

Grab your camera (or your phone) and get ready to make your unpacking process go much faster and smoother! Your insurance company may suggest you take photographs of your belongings to show their condition and provide an inventory in case you need to make a claim, which is a great idea. You can use quick-and-dirty snapshots for a lot more than that, and with a little planning, those pictures can save you a lot of time and annoyance once you’re in your new home!

Post It On Your Wall 

Take pictures of your furniture and post them on the walls in your new home to show the movers where everything goes. You can go one step further for even more streamlined unloading by putting pictures of everything that goes into a room on the door, then placing individual pictures on the wall where each item belongs. Your professional movers can keep moving at top speed without having to find and ask you where to put everything!

Shortcut Your Multimedia Set-Ups

Before you take your television, streaming devices, DVR, stereo and other electronics apart for packing, snap a picture of the connection panels on each device and make sure the needed power cords and cables go in the box with the devices that use them. Setting everything up goes a lot faster when you have an example to work from!

Instant Inventory

Give every box you pack a number and take a photograph of the contents of the box. You can save the photos with notes and box number in an online folder shared with everyone in your household who will be doing part of the packing. With access to the photos, everyone will be able to scroll through and find what they’re looking for easily. You can also cross this idea with wall-posting by including the range of box numbers that belong in each room on the door of each room.

Book One Of The Top Moving Companies In North Vancouver

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Simplify Your Local Move While Working With One Of The Best-Rated Moving Companies In Burnaby

There are a few steps you can take to make your next local move in the Burnaby area simpler and less costly. Start by hiring one of the top-rated moving companies in the region, and plan ahead to make the most of your professional movers’ time and truck space. With some advance planning and smart preparations, you can spare yourself a lot of stress and start enjoying your new home sooner!

Start With A Plan 

Start with a floor plan of your new home, making note of where the furniture goes (measure everything!), then add what items will go in which rooms. This gives you a better idea of what to move and what you need to re-home and it gives you an opportunity to take an objective look at the rugs, furniture and decorative items in your home. Do those items fit in with the look and feel you want to create in your new home?

Don’t Forget To Purge

Purging doesn’t just apply to large items like furniture. Take a hard look at everything from clothing to sporting equipment, hobby supplies, and consumables like food and toiletries. The more harshly you purge, the less you’ll spend on packing supplies and moving. Don’t forget to think about your time in packing and unpacking items that might be easy and cheap to replace.

Pack For Your New Home

Once you’ve pared down to items you’re sure you’re moving, think about how to pack them. Most people default to packing things with other items that came from the same room or area in their current homes. If you pack according to where items will be going in your new home, you’ll have a much easier time of unpacking, and you’re likely to finish it up more quickly.

Mountain Movers Is One Of The Top-Rated Moving Companies In Burnaby

Mountain Movers has earned a reputation as one of the best rated moving companies in Burnaby by providing honest, accurate quotes and delivering on our promises to our customers. If you’re looking for dependable moving services with no hidden costs, give us a call or contact us online for a quote and more information.