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Hire Vancouver Movers To Move These Hard-To-Pack Items

By admin on 25 August 17 Latest News

Planning your move means deciding whether you should hire professional Vancouver movers to manage the transport of your belongings, or handle the process yourself. While you may feel tempted to pack up and move your items yourself, you should take carefully inventory of your possessions before making the final decision. Some things, such as clothes can easily be packed up and transported. However, other items really should be entrusted to professional movers in Vancouver. Consider hiring Vancouver movers if you have to relocate items that are harder to pack than you may think. These items include:

Fish Tanks

Modern fish tanks come in all shapes and sizes, making them especially challenging to move. Not knowing how to manage this type of move can cause damage to your tank and potentially harm the wellbeing of your fish. Working with a skilled moving team can help you get your entire tank to your new home in one piece. Most importantly, they may also be able to help you set everything up as quickly as possible to minimize stress on your fish.


Most people are surprised to learn that houseplants can actually be really difficult to move to a new location. A houseplant is a fragile, living thing rooted in a giant tub of dirt. One wrong move can cause a major mudslide in the back of your vehicle and cause damage to the plant itself. Don’t take a chance that your green, leafy friends don’t make it to your next home. An experienced mover will take all the precautions needed to get plants where they need to be without a major uprooting.


Artwork of any type can prove difficult to relocate. Sometimes extra care is needed due to shape and weight. Sometimes the sheer expense of a piece means professional movers in Vancouver are needed to handle the job. Even the pure sentimental value of a piece of art can prompt you to hire a professional. Working with a team of movers in Vancouver gives you access to their expertise. A seasoned team will come in and evaluate the best way to pack and move certain pieces, so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout your move.

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