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Different Moving Services In Vancouver: What To Know

Sorting through various moving services in Vancouver can feel daunting. However, if you go into the process armed with some general knowledge, it can help you make an informed final decision. When searching for professional moving services in Vancouver, consider:

Local Moves

This is potentially the most common moving service in Vancouver. Most professional moving companies consider a local move to be in the same province and/or must at least fall within a specific range of kilometers. As a general rule of thumb, many movers consider a local move anything under 80 or 150 kilometers at most and are charged according to the total number of man-hours.

Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are anything over 80 to 150 kilometers (to be determined by your specific mover). When sourcing long-distance moving services in Vancouver, you will have to consider if you’d like a full-service mover (the mover manages all of the details for you) or a self-service move (get ready to do all the packing yourself, but your moving provider will assist with the loading and unloading of the truck). Your vendor will price your relocation accordingly based on the service model you select as well as the approximate time and man-hours it will take to completion.

International Moves

As the name implies, this type of move means relocating from one country to another; any relocation that required crossing a national border, no matter how close the two countries are located to each other, is considered an international move. Due to different customs requirements, policies, and regulation of the destination country, an international move is the most complex service model and will be priced accordingly. Generally, a provider will estimate the cost based on the total volume of what you’re moving.

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Moving Companies In Vancouver – Why You Should Hire One This Spring

Are you planning a move this spring? If you have a springtime move on the horizon, hire experienced moving companies in Vancouver. Here are a few reasons to consider using professionals for your move:

Less Stress For Everyone

A move (even if you’re moving into your dream home) isn’t stress-free, no matter what the season. In fact, moving is one of the most significant stressors in life – and some of us deal with it more than a few times. Moving companies in Vancouver know full-well how just a couple of missed opportunities can compound all that stress; they can help ensure you keep anxiety levels to a minimum

Minimize The Heavy Lifting

Yes, you’re strong, young (enough), and fit. You have no problem lifting boxes. You can even push through pain quite well. After 40 or 50 of those heavy boxes of dishes, books, and even wardrobe bins,  you’re going to be worn out. Then you have all that furniture you still need to wrestle out of your old house or apartment and into the new one.

You can hire moving companies in Vancouver to do all of the heavy lifting or just some part of it (meaning you and your friends or family can still be part of the magic that is moving).

Protect Your Stuff

If you’re like most people, you value your possessions. Entrusting your move to family and friends means you’re putting the safety and security of your belongings in their hands. Yes, it costs more to hire a qualified mover, however, professional moving companies in Vancouver have the knowledge, experience, and gear needed to move just about anything. They will arrive at your home with everything they need to transports your items from your current address to your new address as efficiently and safely as possible. Can you really put a price tag on that type of peace of mind?

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