Advice From Moving Companies In North Vancouver: Pack With Your Movers In Mind

By admin on 27 December 18 Latest News

If you’re hiring a professional moving company for your North Vancouver move, but planning to do your own packing, you can make things go more quickly and minimize risks by keeping your movers in mind as you pack. Your movers may look really fit and strong, but they’re still human, and they’re carrying all your worldly goods in cardboard boxes. Smart packing will make it easier for your movers to keep moving safely at top speed. Here are some tips on how to pack with your movers in mind.

  • Consider The Weight Of Each Box – When you’re packing boxes, you should aim for a maximum weight of around 30 pounds. Obviously, there may some items that weigh more than that on their own, and when you box those, be sure to mark them as heavy. Make sure to pack heavy items like books in smaller boxes that are able to withstand the amount of weight you’re planning to put into them.
  • Pack For Crush-Resistance – Sometimes, when people pack fragile items, they do a great job of wrapping the item itself, but they forget that packing the rest of the box in a way that resists crushing is also critical. Under-filling boxes increase the likelihood of crush damage, so if you pack something that’s really fragile alone in a box, consider adding a pillow or some towels to fill the box completely.
  • Beware The Awkward Box – Some items are just plain awkward to pack, and once packed, they create awkward boxes: Boxes that are heavy on one end and practically empty on the other, or boxes that could actually be opened by their contents. Think about creating the most balanced load possible in every box, and if you have an item that has a pointed or sharp part, make sure that’s covered with something durable before you seal the box.

Pack Smart When You Work With Moving Companies In North Vancouver

Like all moving companies in North Vancouver, the team at Mountain Movers appreciates our customers’ hard work in packing their own belongings and preparing to move. We stand above the competition in delivering on time every time and handling your property as carefully as we would our own. Give us a call or contact us online for an accurate, no-hidden-fees quote on your move, and see for yourself why Mountain Movers earned the Home Stars “Best of 2016” award for moving companies.

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