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Vancouver Moving Services Help Save Your Sanity & Your Property

By admin on 27 December 18 Latest News

When you’re making plans for a residential move in Vancouver, moving services like professional packing, are worth considering, since they can help save your time, sanity, and household goods. It may sound like an expensive proposition at first glance, but when you start adding up the time you and your family will spend packing the entire household on your own, you begin to see the value.

What’s Your Time Worth?

Packing your own home is time-consuming, not only because of the actual work involved, but also because it’s emotionally taxing to tear down your home, and because you and your family members will undoubtedly find all kinds of distractions as you go. Packing an average three-bedroom home yourself will typically take five to seven days, and that’s if everyone stays on task and working at peak efficiency. Professional movers can pack the same household in about six to ten hours, and that can all be done on one day if they send a team to do the job.

Experience & Training

You are also less likely to incur property damage when you have your home packed by professional movers. Of course, you and your family will do your best to carefully, and safely pack all of your own belongings, but especially in winter, where temperatures dive toward freezing and moisture is almost guaranteed, the knowledge professional movers bring to the packing process lends an extra layer of protection that is invaluable. Let your movers know what pieces or collections are most valuable and vulnerable before they begin packing, and they’ll take every precaution possible to give those items extra attention and protection.

Take Advantage Of Vancouver Moving Services

At Mountain Movers, we’ve built a reputation for integrity and dependable moving services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Give us a call or contact us online for a no-hidden-fees quote on your next move, and ask about having our experienced professional movers do the packing for you!

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