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Vancouver Moving Services Help Save Your Sanity & Your Property

When you’re making plans for a residential move in Vancouver, moving services like professional packing, are worth considering, since they can help save your time, sanity, and household goods. It may sound like an expensive proposition at first glance, but when you start adding up the time you and your family will spend packing the entire household on your own, you begin to see the value.

What’s Your Time Worth?

Packing your own home is time-consuming, not only because of the actual work involved, but also because it’s emotionally taxing to tear down your home, and because you and your family members will undoubtedly find all kinds of distractions as you go. Packing an average three-bedroom home yourself will typically take five to seven days, and that’s if everyone stays on task and working at peak efficiency. Professional movers can pack the same household in about six to ten hours, and that can all be done on one day if they send a team to do the job.

Experience & Training

You are also less likely to incur property damage when you have your home packed by professional movers. Of course, you and your family will do your best to carefully, and safely pack all of your own belongings, but especially in winter, where temperatures dive toward freezing and moisture is almost guaranteed, the knowledge professional movers bring to the packing process lends an extra layer of protection that is invaluable. Let your movers know what pieces or collections are most valuable and vulnerable before they begin packing, and they’ll take every precaution possible to give those items extra attention and protection.

Take Advantage Of Vancouver Moving Services

At Mountain Movers, we’ve built a reputation for integrity and dependable moving services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. Give us a call or contact us online for a no-hidden-fees quote on your next move, and ask about having our experienced professional movers do the packing for you!

Residential Moving Companies: Vancouver Winter Moves

If you find you’ll need to move your household over the winter, there is some good news and some challenges. Residential moving companies in Vancouver and surrounding areas typically have better availability during the winter months, so you should have an easier time of getting the move date you want and need. The weather, however, introduces some challenges, not all of which are immediately obvious, so thinking ahead and planning are more important than ever to make your move safe and successful.

Fairly Obvious Challenges

Planning ahead for the fairly obvious challenges like rain, ice, or potential snow should go without saying, but think a little deeper when you’re making your moving plan. You’re probably used to shovelling your own driveway and sidewalks on a regular basis, and you probably know where puddles tend to accumulate on your property during heavy rain. In preparing for your move date, though, you may want to make plans to have someone else take care of making sure all of the access paths and driveway are free of any ice, snow, or standing water. That may mean someone needs to start working a day or two ahead, scraping and salting, if conditions are really bad.

Less Obvious Challenges

When temperatures dip toward freezing, you may be surprised to find that certain household goods will be more vulnerable to breakage or damage, unless they’re packed and handled with special care. For example, china and crystal are more likely to break when they’re extremely cold, so you should think about adding more padding, which doubles as insulation, in those boxes, and make sure that those boxes don’t get stacked in an area like the garage, that isn’t heated, before the move. Electronics are another group of items you should insulate well and stage inside the house, where they’ll stay at room temperature until they’re placed in the van.

Mountain Movers Stands A Peak Above The Competition

Mountain Movers was honoured by HomeStars “Best of 2016” award among residential moving companies in Vancouver. We are locally owned and operated, and we earn our customers’ trust and loyalty by delivering on time, every time. Call or contact us online and we’ll give you an accurate, no-hidden-fees quote for your move, and answer any questions you may have about how best to pack and protect your belongings.

Advice From Moving Companies In North Vancouver: Pack With Your Movers In Mind

If you’re hiring a professional moving company for your North Vancouver move, but planning to do your own packing, you can make things go more quickly and minimize risks by keeping your movers in mind as you pack. Your movers may look really fit and strong, but they’re still human, and they’re carrying all your worldly goods in cardboard boxes. Smart packing will make it easier for your movers to keep moving safely at top speed. Here are some tips on how to pack with your movers in mind.

  • Consider The Weight Of Each Box – When you’re packing boxes, you should aim for a maximum weight of around 30 pounds. Obviously, there may some items that weigh more than that on their own, and when you box those, be sure to mark them as heavy. Make sure to pack heavy items like books in smaller boxes that are able to withstand the amount of weight you’re planning to put into them.
  • Pack For Crush-Resistance – Sometimes, when people pack fragile items, they do a great job of wrapping the item itself, but they forget that packing the rest of the box in a way that resists crushing is also critical. Under-filling boxes increase the likelihood of crush damage, so if you pack something that’s really fragile alone in a box, consider adding a pillow or some towels to fill the box completely.
  • Beware The Awkward Box – Some items are just plain awkward to pack, and once packed, they create awkward boxes: Boxes that are heavy on one end and practically empty on the other, or boxes that could actually be opened by their contents. Think about creating the most balanced load possible in every box, and if you have an item that has a pointed or sharp part, make sure that’s covered with something durable before you seal the box.

Pack Smart When You Work With Moving Companies In North Vancouver

Like all moving companies in North Vancouver, the team at Mountain Movers appreciates our customers’ hard work in packing their own belongings and preparing to move. We stand above the competition in delivering on time every time and handling your property as carefully as we would our own. Give us a call or contact us online for an accurate, no-hidden-fees quote on your move, and see for yourself why Mountain Movers earned the Home Stars “Best of 2016” award for moving companies.

Why Choose A Local Moving Company In Vancouver?

When you choose a local moving company for your Vancouver area move, you know you’re working with members of your own community and a business that stakes its reputation in that community on providing top-shelf service. You can also rest assured that you’re gaining the benefit of local knowledge, like which routes are best, and how to handle challenging situations like moving in heavy rain, icy conditions, or even snow. Whether you’re moving a home full of precious antiques, or you’re a young family with kid-friendly furnishings, we’ll deliver it all in the same condition as it was in when you entrusted it to our care.

  • Integrity – Vancouver may be a sizeable city, but in terms of the reputation of a local business, especially in the age of social media and online review sites, it’s a small enough community that dishonest businesses are quickly outed. We take pride in maintaining the highest level of integrity in all our dealings with our customers, from our no-hidden-cost quotes to our insured workers and vehicles. We treat our customers as we want to be treated, and handle their property as if it were our own.
  • Trained Movers – Our employees are trained and experienced in moving all sorts of household goods from the most mundane to the most precious. Whether we’re doing the packing for you, or loading and transporting what you’ve packed on your own, we take every reasonable precaution to protect your home and property.
  • Meticulously Maintained Equipment – Equipment failures and vehicle breakdowns can cause costly delays and high-stress levels during a move. Our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and well-maintained vehicles that are appropriate to each job and the expected travel conditions for your move. We deliver on time, every time, and never leave our customers in the lurch.

Mountain Movers – Your Local Moving Company In Vancouver

Call Mountain Movers or contact us online for an accurate, honest quote on your next move. We’re confident you’ll notice our top-shelf service and professionalism from your first call and you’ll book our services with confidence. Treat yourself to a better moving experience with Mountain Movers.