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Tips From Professional Movers In Vancouver: How To Have A Happy Move With Kids

By admin on 26 October 18 Latest News

Moving a household that includes children can be especially stressful, even when you’re working with professional movers. Vancouver families can make things a little easier on the whole family by using some smart strategies and planning ahead.

Packing Is A Drag. Make It Better!

Give every child who’s old enough a crayon, and assign them a “work buddy” who will actually be packing boxes: A parent or older sibling, for example. Toddlers and preschoolers may be content to simply colour on the packed boxes, but if they start running out of steam, be prepared to inspire them with questions like their favourite type of dog, tree, or flower. Slightly older kids might respond well to imagination prompts like, “What do you think your new teacher will look like?” Kids who are a bit older, but not quite old enough to actually pack boxes, might be able to draw pictures of what’s in the box on the side or make up a secret code they can use for labeling boxes (in addition to the official box labels, of course!).

Kids And Pets Can Help Each Other Out 

If your kids and pets are getting restless during packing time, or if you need everyone out from underfoot while the movers are loading and unloading, consider ways you can assign the kids to help keep the pets (and themselves) entertained and calm. Younger children may be able to help manage pets in an enclosed space like a walk-in closet, while older kids might be able to supervise younger siblings and pets while they burn off some energy outside.

Make Unpacking A Game

Ask children if they can remember what’s inside any boxes they coloured or wrote on during packing. Even toddlers can help to unpack. Once they learn the layout of your new home, hand them small and unbreakable objects one at a time and ask them to put it in the room where it belongs. They’ll have fun until they’re worn out and then they’ll sleep soundly. If you have kids who are old enough to read but not necessarily big enough to help moving boxes around, you can ask them to locate whatever you want to put away next and they’ll proudly lead you to it. Set a break time and let them know that everyone who stays on task until then gets to go out for ice cream! It’s important to remember that we all need breaks while we’re unpacking!

Mountain Movers: Your Professional Movers In Vancouver

You’ve got your hands full with getting your home packed and ready to move all while keeping your children and pets happy. Trust the professional movers at Mountain Movers to take care of your moving logistics! Call or contact us online for an accurate quote, and rest assured that you’re not going to be surprised with any hidden fees later on. We’ll safely deliver your property on time and on budget to your new home, so you can get back to normal life with minimal stress.

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