Advice From Moving Companies In North Vancouver: How To Shoot Your Move

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Grab your camera (or your phone) and get ready to make your unpacking process go much faster and smoother! Your insurance company may suggest you take photographs of your belongings to show their condition and provide an inventory in case you need to make a claim, which is a great idea. You can use quick-and-dirty snapshots for a lot more than that, and with a little planning, those pictures can save you a lot of time and annoyance once you’re in your new home!

Post It On Your Wall 

Take pictures of your furniture and post them on the walls in your new home to show the movers where everything goes. You can go one step further for even more streamlined unloading by putting pictures of everything that goes into a room on the door, then placing individual pictures on the wall where each item belongs. Your professional movers can keep moving at top speed without having to find and ask you where to put everything!

Shortcut Your Multimedia Set-Ups

Before you take your television, streaming devices, DVR, stereo and other electronics apart for packing, snap a picture of the connection panels on each device and make sure the needed power cords and cables go in the box with the devices that use them. Setting everything up goes a lot faster when you have an example to work from!

Instant Inventory

Give every box you pack a number and take a photograph of the contents of the box. You can save the photos with notes and box number in an online folder shared with everyone in your household who will be doing part of the packing. With access to the photos, everyone will be able to scroll through and find what they’re looking for easily. You can also cross this idea with wall-posting by including the range of box numbers that belong in each room on the door of each room.

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