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Tips For Success When Working With A Moving Company In Maple Ridge

By admin on 23 January 18 Latest News

You’ve signed the initial papers, you’ve picked a closing date, you’ve finished packing (almost), and you’ve hired a reputable moving company in Maple Ridge to help make your relocation as easy and convenient as possible…so you’re pretty much done, right? Not exactly. While finding your dream home, packing and finding a qualified moving company in Maple Ridge are all critical components to moving success, you still have a few key factors to plan for to ensure the big day is both convenient and stress-free.

When getting ready for your relocation, consider these important tips to keep the ball moving forward on moving day.

Find Parking For The Moving Truck

Even the most prepared would-be mover has been known to drop the ball when it comes to securing parking for the moving truck at both locations. Don’t be one of them. If you live in an apartment, discuss your needs with your landlord to ensure you have all the space you’ll need for the truck. Don’t forget to make arrangements at your new address as well to guarantee the movers will have direct access to each home for door-to-door service.

Call Dibs On Elevators

If you live on a higher floor, reserving elevators before moving day is a must. Otherwise you run the risk of you and your movers being at the mercy of everyone else coming and going throughout the many floors of your apartment all day long. Try to reserve the elevator in your apartment for a specific block of time. This will keep things progressing smoothly throughout the move. Most importantly, be sure to ask what type of certification the landlord may need from your moving company in Maple Ridge in advance so you can present it before your move.

Label Boxes (All Of Them)

It’s a major achievement to get all of your belongings packed before moving day hits. However, simply packing the boxes up isn’t enough. You also need to take the time to label each and every box before it’s put into the moving truck. Why? Because if you don’t, not only will the movers not know where to put them when unloading, but you’ll waste precious time once you’ve arrived in your home trying to sort through your belongings.

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