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5 Things To Do Before Your Professional Movers In Maple Ridge Arrive

By admin on 23 January 18 Latest News

Hiring professional movers in Maple Ridge helps mitigate worry and inconvenience surrounding your upcoming move. However, even hiring movers in Maple Ridge to manage your move doesn’t mean you won’t still have tasks to manage before (and during) your move day. Knowing a few helpful tips can save you a significant amount of time and ensure you’re prepared for when your moving company in Maple Ridge arrives.

Purge, Purge, Purge

Moving presents an ideal opportunity to get rid of things you’ll never use again once you’re in your new home. Go through everything to de-clutter your living spaces before the move to simplify the entire moving process. Sell, donate, and recycle everything you can to ensure most of your unwanted belongings stay out of landfills.

Identify Things That Can’t Be Moved

You probably don’t want to move all your perishable food with you and you definitely shouldn’t bring hazardous materials when you go. Contact friends, family, and neighbours to see if anyone within your network would like dibs on these items before you leave.

Inventory Your Items

Moving day is hectic and things can easily get misdirected in your new home. Create a detailed inventory that lists everything that is coming with you. Not only will this list help you organize your stuff in your new space, it can also help you track anything that gets lost or damaged.

Separate Important Belongings

No matter how trustworthy your professional movers in Maple Ridge are, some of your belongings should stay with you at all times during move day. Separate important items such as personal documents, valuables, and electronic devices so you know exactly where they are throughout transport.

Bonus Note: Chances are, your moving day is going to a long one. Always pack snacks and water in your bag of important moving day items to stay hydrated and energized.

Make A Plan For Pets And Children

Small children and pets can easily get underfoot during your move. Don’t subject them to the trials and tribulations of a moving day; work with family and friends to coordinate care for your kids and pets for peace of mind that they are well cared for during your move.

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