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Why Choose Professional Movers In Vancouver?

By admin on 28 June 18 Latest News


There are many reasons to choose professional movers in Vancouver before hosting a “moving party”. It may seem like fun to get a bunch of friends together to pack up your things, but there’s more to the story. Asking friends or family to help you move could potentially put them in danger.

Keep Your Friends Safe

When you ask a friend or relative to move your furniture or boxes, they may strain themselves. Your friends, while well-meaning don’t have experience lifting boxes and may injure themselves trying.

Only Professionals Should Handle Your Move

There are skills and techniques that professional movers apply when they lift, including:

  • Proper Lifting Techniques. Professional movers know how to avoid lifting with their back muscles, so that their legs carry most of the weight. It’s much better on the body when the large thigh and calf muscles support the extra weight. Also, professional movers use gloves to improve their grip and protect their hands from injuries.
  • Securing Your Furniture. Friends and family usually just “grab ‘n’ go” when hauling your furniture out. However, professional movers in Vancouver understand how to handle heavy furniture to make the move easier. Professionals come with supplies, like plastic wrap, that cover furniture to protect the fabric, improve their grip, and contain any loose cushions.
  • Proper Equipment. Professional movers will also bring the right equipment for the job. Moving companies supply furniture and crate dollies, harnessed moving straps with handholds, and ramps. More importantly, professional movers are trained to use this equipment.

Save The Heavy Lifting For The Professionals

It’s great to have friends or relatives willing to help you move! But asking them to move your home could potentially get them injured. Protect them by hiring professional movers in Vancouver. At Mountain Movers, we have personnel who are trained to handle the heavy lifting with skill and ease. Save the pizza party with your friends and family for a celebration in your new home after your move. Call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online to schedule professionals to handle your move.

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