Monthly Archives: May 2014

One Month Before:

  • Assuming you have chosen Mountain Movers for your move, call us to confirm your move date, costs, etc.
  • Begin packing. Start with items most infrequently used in your household.
  • Clearly label each box, its contents, and which room it’s destined for. Essentials should be packed last.
  • Valuables such as jewelry and important files should be transported personally.
  • Notify local post office of your change of address
  • Consider leaving your phone number with a trusted neighbor so they can inform you of any mail left after you move
  • Inform the following parties of your change of address: banks, credit card companies, insurance, newspapers, utilities, etc.

Six Weeks Before:

  • Time to order supplies: boxes, packing materials, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Consult Mountain Movers in this regard.
  • You will need specialty containers such as wardrobe and book boxes.
  • If possible, schedule a visit to your new home to take dimensions. Ensure in advance that your larger pieces of furniture will fit through doorways to their desired room.

Two to Three Months Before the Move:

  • Conduct a thorough walkthrough of your home and decide what you wish to keep and what to discard
  • Consider a garage sale before planning a trip to the landfill.
  • Research moving companies before deciding who will conduct your move
  • Request a written estimate, especially if your move is considerable.
  • Start a file containing all info regarding the move
  • Instruct children’s school to transfer records to your new district.