Why Choose Professional Movers Over Weekend Movers Or DIY?

By admin on 27 April 18 Latest News

If you’re getting ready to move, you may be considering whether to use a discounted weekend mover, go the DIY route, or hire local professional movers in Vancouver. Whatever type or service you’re considering, be sure to accurately account for all costs involved before making a decision, and that includes your own time, fuel you’ll burn if you move yourself, and the number of meals out you’ll need to buy during the move.

  • Your Time Is Valuable – Even if you have paid time off from your job, using that time is a true cost of moving, because you could be using it for something more enjoyable or in case of an emergency. Also, factor in that it will take you more time to do each of the needed tasks for moving than it would take someone who packs household goods and awkward furniture and fragile items like large mirrors on a regular basis.
  • So Are Your Household Goods – Speaking of your furniture and fragile items, while you may take great care to pack them safely, you may not have the experience to know the safest methods of packing them, and specialized packing materials will add significantly to your cost. Weekend movers or day labourers are more concerned with speed than care, and since they have very limited accountability for their work, you may find the results less than satisfactory.
  • Professional Movers Are More Experienced – professional movers have a great deal of experience working in an environment where they’re fully accountable for the care and handling of your belongings. They’ll pack everything carefully and expediently, and load and unload it efficiently, so your move is done as quickly as possible while protecting your valuable property.

Professional Movers In Vancouver Deliver Genuine Value & Care

At first glance, doing it yourself or hiring weekend movers may seem like a bargain, but when you look more closely, it may not always be the case. If you consider other factors like hidden costs and the potential for damages, choosing professional movers becomes a no-brainer. Mountain Movers has built its reputation on delivering safe and reliable service in the Vancouver, B.C. area at affordable rates. Call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online for more information and a comprehensive quote on your next move.

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