What To Do If Your Movers In Maple Ridge Don’t Show Up On Time

By admin on 25 May 16 Packers & Movers

Moving is stressful enough. The last thing you need to add to the list is movers who don’t show up on time. But if this happens to you, there are a few options to take before you panic.

What to Do When Movers In Maple Ridge Are Late For A Pick Up

  1. Make a phone call. Keep in mind that there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the movers are late. To find out if there is a reason for the lateness, the very first thing you should do is pick up the phone and call them. Call the number you were given (please tell me you were given an office number) or the number on your contract. Try to get a specific answer and a revised timeframe. Believe it or not, getting a hold of the office and getting an answer is good news!

What’s worse is being unable to reach your movers. If you can’t reach them, even after searching for and trying alternate phone numbers, get a Plan B started. Depending on whether or not you must move that day or can wait a few days, Plan B typically involves finding another moving company ASAP.

  1. Find new movers. Same day movers are a blessing for those who’ve been left stranded high and dry by movers who don’t show. These services exist to help you in emergency situations like this so don’t worry about not being able to find someone to help you on short notice. Short notice is what they do!

Use Your Wait Time Wisely

Rather than sit around and worry until the new movers show up, use the time to make sure everything is ready to go as best as it can be to make up for lost time. Use the time to:

  • Disassemble large furniture.
  • Make sure everything is packed properly.
  • All boxes are labeled with the room they go in, contents, and special handling instructions like FRAGILE or THIS WAY UP.
  • Valuables are safe, ideally prepped to be moved by your hands only in your own personal vehicle.
  • You have an essentials box packed and ready for use.

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