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Vancouver Movers: Avoid Hidden Costs

By admin on 26 July 16 Packers & Movers

Hiring professional Vancouver movers can deliver optimal peace of mind. However, you want to make sure you’re getting the biggest value possible when choosing which mover to partner with. It’s important to watch out for potential hidden fees and costs so you partner with the best Vancouver movers capable of managing your relocation.

Hidden Fees To Ask About

When screening through prospective Vancouver movers, it’s important to ask about potential added costs. Here are some moving tips to help avoid hidden fees and costs.

Packing Supplies & Labour

Before signing a contract, be sure to ask if packing supplies and labour are included in the estimate. A full-service moving firm will provide a quote that includes supplies and labours so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Long Carry Charges

Some firms will charge an additional fee if they can’t park closely to your new home. This is to cover them should they arrive and find there’s no close parking (aka they have to lug your belongings further than originally planned). The best way to avoid long carry charges is to see if you can secure a nearby parking space in advance. If that isn’t possible, talk with your movers to understand their policy before moving day.

Storage Fees

Most movers will include the storage fee in their estimate. However, there is generally a 30-day stretch of free storage before you will be charged. Discuss with prospective vendors how they handle extended storage to avoid an unexpected expense.

Elevator Charge

Will your move include an elevator? You may be charged for it to compensate for workers having to wait for its availability. When talking about the elevator fee, ask your mover if it can be waived if you can reserve your elevator for a few hours.

Travel Expense

Even local moves may incur travel costs. These expenses are built into the estimate to cover time needed for movers to get from their office to your home. Ask about charges for travel during the screening process.

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