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Tips To Save Money On Your Upcoming Move (Yes, It’s Possible)

By admin on 23 February 18 Latest News

Let’s be honest: moving to a new home can be stressful, inconvenient, and expensive. There will be a myriad of factors you just won’t be able to control as you go through the moving process. Fortunately, there are a few things you can take charge of to manage the overall expense of your move. Follow a few simple tips to cut costs whenever possible.

Hire Affordable, Reputable Professional Movers In Vancouver

Hiring inexpensive professional movers in Vancouver is probably the first item on your “How To Save Money” checklist. Choosing a moving company is a great place to start; however, it’s crucial not just to hire the cheapest firm you find. Professional movers in Vancouver should have skilled workers. If they don’t, the whole process may cost you far more than you anticipated. Go online. Find three professional movers in Vancouver who have excellent reviews and ask for an onsite job quote. Check references, ask about hidden costs, and make an informed final decision.

Get To Purging

The more items you bring with you to your new home, the more you’ll spend throughout the entire moving process. Your moving company quote will be higher and you’ll also have to make more trips with your own car, which can add to the overall cost. Here’s general rule of thumb; if you haven’t used it in your current house, you definitely don’t need it taking up space in your new home. Go through your belongings to determine what item you can “re-home” to keep your moving quote as low as possible.

Find Free Packing Materials

Sure, you can go to an office supply store and spend hundreds on the latest packing materials, but why would you want to? Fortunately, you can easily minimize this expense. Many grocery stores give boxes of all sizes away, for free. Your friends, family, and neighbours may also have some they’re willing to donate, along with their old newspapers and magazines. Tapping into your personal network may mean you don’t have to purchase a single biodegradable packing peanut. What’s not to love about that?

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