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Sourcing Movers In Vancouver? Ask These Key Questions

By admin on 4 October 16 Packers & Movers

Finding the best movers in Vancouver for your relocation can prove a critical component in the entire process. Don’t simply choose the first name you find in an online search. Carefully screen potential movers in Vancouver by asking these critical questions.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

Like any industry, the moving niche is rife with fly-by-night operations. You want the very best transport for your personal affects. Discuss how long the firm has been in operation so you can determine if they have the experience you will need for your relocation.

Are You Insured?

Even the most experienced movers in Vancouver can have an occasionally accident or incident. Only work with insured companies; knowing that your items are covered can deliver optimal peace of mind during a generally stressful time.

How Do You Charge?

Pricing is always a key consideration; when interviewing potential candidates for your move, always ask how they put together their pricing estimates. Is it based on item weight or do they charge by the hour? Once you know their pricing policy, always ask for their estimate in writing. You should also ask if packing supplies are included in the price of if you will incur additional charges for them. Additionally, take the time to discuss “extra services.” What you may consider part of the move they may deem an upcharge. Getting these important questions answered will give you a ballpark figure to count on when moving day arrives.

Do You Guarantee Pickup/Delivery Dates

Nothing can derail your relocation quite like a moving company failing to show up for your transport. Ask about pickup/delivery guarantees so you know that they will arrive when you need them.

Do You Have References?

Don’t simply take the mover’s word on how great they are at their job; always reach out to previous customers to find out what they think about the services they received. When checking references ask specific questions about if the movers were on time, easy to work with, careful with packed items, etc.

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