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Professional Moving Services In Vancouver Make Foul Weather Moves Easier

By admin on 22 November 18 Latest News

As we move further into Autumn and closer to winter, making arrangements to safely move your household can get a bit more complicated thanks to the increased likelihood of rain, ice, or snow. If you need to move during the foul weather months, you can save yourself a lot of stress by hiring professional moving services from a local company They are familiar with how weather affects the moving process and the roads needed to move your household goods safely and promptly.

Keep In Touch With Your Movers 

By keeping an eye on the weather forecast and staying in touch with your movers, right up to the day before your move, you can work with them to make any needed adjustments to your moving plan or schedule. Obviously, local Vancouver movers are used to working in inclement conditions, but in certain cases, it may make more sense to postpone a move rather than risk damaging your property in torrential rain or having the truck sit stuck because of flooding, ice, or an unusually large snowstorm.

Cover Your Floors

Covering the floors in your old and new homes will help prevent damage and save you a lot of clean-up effort after the movers are gone. Discuss the options and costs with your movers. You may find it worthwhile to pay them to cover the flooring with materials they know will be safe for their team. In some cases, you may want to cover the floors yourself. Just be certain that you’re using a material that won’t get slippery for people walking on it (like plastic tarps), and that it’s secured to the floor.

Ensure Clean, Safe Access

Make sure that the moving truck has a place to park that is not affected by water rushing toward a storm drain, buried in slippery, wet leaves, and free of snow and ice. Check the paths your movers will need to use in and out of the house, to be sure that they’re also clean and safe.

Have Utilities Turned On Early At Your New Home

When you order the utility service at your new home, ask for it to be turned on a couple of days before you actually move. As the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop, moving into a home without heat and electricity goes from inconvenient to impossible.

Dependable Moving Services In Vancouver

Mountain Movers has earned its reputation for dependable moving services in Vancouver and the surrounding areas through years of delivering our customers’ goods safely, on-time and on-budget. Give us a call or contact us online for a no-hidden-cost estimate.

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