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Planning Ahead With a Moving Company Eases Pressure

By admin on 2 September 14 Moving Company Vancouver

Moving day always arrives much faster than you expect. There seems like thousands of little things to do that aren’t directly related to the actual moving of your furniture and belongings. Changing addresses, notifying all kinds of agencies of your new place. Cancelling current services and getting new ones lined up at the new location. Starting earlier is one thing that will make it easier when the big day comes.


Once you are certain of your move out and move in dates, it is wise to contact as many agencies as you can think of and request changes for the day before you move out, and a couple of days after you move in for cable and phone services. Healthcare, and insurance just need a change of address notice and you may need to close accounts for things like water, gas, and electrical, and open new ones in your name, or at least notify them of the end date and new address so they can bill you accordingly, and get your new accounts opened at the right time. Don’t forget to call your cell provider so they bill the new address, and getting you mail rerouted from the post office will identify other places you may have missed as the mail will come marked with the old address indicating you need to be in touch. The post office service is for limited time and there is a small charge involved but it is a big help.

One friend of mine put a checklist in his wallet and every time he thought of someone to call or an account was changed he added it to the list or checked it off. That is a great tip you can start using as soon as you have the moving dates. Setting up many of these services in advance will allow you to get them out of your mind well before moving day arrives.

Moving day is challenging enough on its own without trying to remember to call the phone company because you forgot to tell them. All your regular furniture, belongings and dishes should be packed in boxes by now. If you are moving within Vancouver, hopefully you hired a local moving company to box everything up, and even unpack for you. The piece of mind you will get from professional movers is amazing, and it frees you up to just handle really delicate or special items and your plants, which most moving companies don’t take. If you didn’t get a full pack move, at least all you need to worry about is directing them where to put things at the new place. A little advanced work can really make moving simpler.

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