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By admin on 4 August 14 Packers & Movers

Moving can be one of the most stressful situations we put ourselves in. The details about moving out, hiring a truck, and asking friends and family for help is all hard on the nerves. Then there is coordinating and feeding everyone, managing times and keys for both places and packing everything into boxes. It’s no wonder some people put off moving for many years, and some people stay in the same place for decades.

Professional Movers Vancouver

                                                                         Professional Movers Vancouver

If you’re one of the few who are moving this year, either for work or because your family is growing and you need a larger place, or simply because you found better lodgings or a better price, perhaps it’s time you considered minimizing the stress of a move and take advantage of a moving company in Vancouver. There are several companies that offer moving services in Vancouver and the surrounding area. All it takes from you is a little budget planning and a few phone calls. Most reputable companies will give you a free estimate, after a quick inspection of the current place and the amount of furniture and goods you have to move. To pack or not to pack. Professional moving companies offer packing services, this means that they will arrive a day early and log and wrap and pack every item in your home into boxes. Once delivered they crosscheck these boxes off the manifest created and ensure every item gets to your new home. A moving services company in Vancouver will be bonded and insured, meaning that your good are covered in the unlikely event of loss or damage. With a Vancouver moving company handling all your moving needs you can at least relax knowing that all your treasured stuff is in good hands. All you need to do is be there on delivery day and direct the crew with what goes where. They even take apart and put back together awkward items like dining room tables, bed frames and the like. And on arrival at the new place someone will open the tool box and put your furniture back together for you. OF course this all sounds simple and easy for you, and to be honest it really is. But like most things involving your home and family it is best to do a little bit of homework yourself. The obvious way to start is online. A quick search will turn up lots of companies in the area. Pick a few that strike your fancy and follow up individually. Get a quote for a couple of options like a full move with pack and unpack included, a simple move where they just drop items off at the new place. Or you can ask for combination where they just pack and move or you pack and they move and unpack. Obviously the more they do the higher the cost but the lower your stress. Ask about complete costs, taxes, and any possible extra charges, and additional insurance if needed. Sometimes the insurance of contents is limited and if you have an antique armoire or some other very special item you may want to get a special insurance rider for it just for the move. Once you’ve narrowed down your moving company options, make sure that you ask for references from past customers of the company. Ask about the vehicles they use and the equipment to get you moved safely and easily. Then consider the costs of the move against your budget and peace of mind. I think you’ll realize in the end that the costs are worth it for the freedom it gives you and the rest of the family.

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