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Packing for Moving in Vancouver

By admin on 9 September 14 Movers Vancouver

It’s no secret; packing for your move is an enormous job. The easiest way to make sure your packing is done quickly and that your belongings are protected is to have professional movers do it for you.  Mountain Movers is one of the top moving companies in Vancouver and we treat your belongings with the utmost care.

Whether you choose to have us do your packing or to tackle the job yourself, there are some things you will want to do in advance to make the job easier.


You will want to start a few weeks in advance and begin by giving away, selling, recycling or throwing out items you no longer need or want.  Why move something you will likely never use again?  Paring down your possessions will mean less to pack, unpack and accommodate in your new home, as well as saving you money.  The less you have, the lower your moving costs.

Next, consider if you have particularly precious items that you prefer to pack in advance and store safely or move yourself.  Or you can place them in a designated area and ask your movers to be especially careful with items in that area.

Pack non-essential items first.  Clothing and sports equipment that is out of season can be packed early on, for example.  Consider what items you use rarely and pack those in advance.

Organization is key to making sure you can find what you need quickly after the move.  Making sure that you pack items together that belong in the same area in your new home will mean less work for you after the move.  Don’t pack items from the master bedroom with items from the guest room, for example, if those rooms will be on different floors in your new home.

Label, label, label!  When you close up each box, make sure you label it with a list of contents as well as the room it is destined to be moved to.  That will make the move faster and save you from a frantic search for items that have gone astray.

Just before the move, pack essential personal items in an overnight bag so you will have what you need without having to unpack to find it.  Then on moving day, you can focus on unpacking the kitchen first – which is really the heart of your new home and the area you will want to have ready to use first.

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