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Movers In Surrey: Why You Should Go With Who You Know

By admin on 2 December 16 Packers & Movers

When moving to your new Surrey home, you need the relocation process to go as smoothly and conveniently as possible. The best way to ensure a stress-free move is to hire reliable movers in Surrey. For many, this seems like an unachievable goal. There are a slew of movers in Surrey vying for your business, making it seemingly impossible to find one worthy of your belongings and precious family heirlooms.

Don’t settle for the first movers in Surrey that pop up on your Internet search. Look for the red flags often associated with unknown/unreliable providers so you know what to avoid as soon as you begin searching.

Signs you may be talking with a company to avoid include:

No Onsite Inspection

The only way to get a fair and accurate estimate on your job is for the mover to come to your home for an onsite evaluation. Otherwise you may find yourself with a proposal that proves way too good to be true come move day.

Large Deposits

Is your mover asking for a large deposit before your move? This is a major indicator that you should move on to the next vendor on your list.

No Key Details On Website

A quick glance on a mover’s website can give you critical information on whether you may want to hire them. Does their website offer key details such as address, insurance coverage, and licensing? If not, you will want to keep looking for a reliable provider. Bonus tip – even if a provider does have insurance coverage, telling you “everything is covered” by their insurance can also be a major red flag.

Subpar Warehouse/Offices

If you are second-guessing a prospective provider, take a ride to check out the operating facility. What do the offices and warehouse look like? If it seems like the facility is rundown (or worse yet, nonexistent), you should take a firm pass on hiring them.

Rented Moving Truck

When screening prospective movers in Surrey, always ask if they own or rent their moving trucks. You should partner with a vendor that offers company-owned vehicles to ensure they are in working condition at all times.

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