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Mountain Movers Explain How to Spot a Shady Moving Company – Vancouver, BC

By admin on 3 July 15 Movers Vancouver

Moving day should never be stressful but somehow, it always seems to end up that way. One of the reasons it can be so overwhelming is because there are many unreliable scam artists out there advertising.

According to CBC news, these moving companies are typically found in online advertising, “promising ‘no hidden charges’ and ‘reliable, trustworthy and dependable service.’” These fraudulent companies are able to bait in homeowners with their false allure of affordable and easy services.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid these shady businesses by hiring a reliable & trustworthy company like Mountain Movers. Mountain Movers has been so successful with their services that they have recently expanded to help Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, and the rest of BC.

Tips for Identifying a Shady Moving Company

Vancouver residents who are planning to move need to be careful when looking to save a few bucks. Some of these crooks will go so far as to steal your possessions or hold them ransom until you pay a higher fee. Always be wary of low prices, do your research, and get everything in writing.

Here are some clues that you might be dealing with a dishonest company:

–          You can tell that they are withholding information from you.

–  They will not sign any of your written and legally binding agreements.

–  They are inconsistent with their promises.

–  They have a bad reputation with their customers.

–  You just have a feeling that something is off.

To learn more about Mountain Movers or how to avoid a shady moving company, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and Maple Ridge residents are encouraged to visit their website at https://www.mountain-movers.ca/or call them directly at 778 378 6683.

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