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Make Your Next Move Painless With Full Service Movers In Coquitlam

By admin on 25 August 18 Latest News

If you’re planning a residential move, things can get stressful very quickly, and planning and packing can soak up time you need to be spending on work, family, and other aspects of your life. By choosing full-service movers, Coquitlam residents can rest assured that all of the packing and moving logistics will be handled efficiently and on-budget.

Take Care Of The Sorting, We’ll Do The Packing

Packing your household goods safely for moving is time-consuming and it can be mentally and emotionally taxing for many people. Make a plan to sort through what you need to move ahead of time, so you can work in an orderly way, one room at a time, at a pace that doesn’t stress you out. First, get rid of things that won’t fit into your new space, or don’t go with the style you want to see in your new home. Then think about what’s worth paying to move (especially easily replaced things like food and toiletries), what items you were thinking of replacing soon anyway (10-year-old coffee maker? Lumpy old mattress?), and what items you just don’t use, like the fish poaching pot you got as a wedding gift, but have never used. Once you’ve decided what’s moving, we’ll pack it as safely as if it were our own property, and get it ready to move.

Have A Plan For Moving Day

By leaving the moving logistics to us, your time and energy will be available for tending to your family and pets and making sure everything gets set up the way you want in your new home. Pack food and supplies for your children and pets, so they can have a stress-free move. Think about plenty of treats and drinks, a safe space like a crate for pets, and amusing activities for your kids to do and a place for them to take naps if needed. If the weather permits, outdoor activities and a camping-style place to rest or nap can alleviate the boredom and make moving day more fun. Consider assigning older kids to be in charge of pet care.

Your Full-Service Movers In Coquitlam

Mountain Movers has built its reputation for excellence on years of satisfying customers as full-service movers in Coquitlam and surrounding areas. We’ll give you a free estimate with no hidden charges, and safe, reliable packing, moving, and transport of your goods to your new home. Contact us for a quote and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you make a moving plan.

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