How To Select A Local And Reliable Moving Company

By admin on 22 August 16 Packers & Movers

Moving to a new Maple Ridge home is a major undertaking. It’s important to entrust your personal belongings to a reliable moving company. However, selecting the right movers in Maple Ridge can prove almost as stressful as the move itself. With so many providers vying for your business, you need to enter the process armed with information on what to look for before making your final choice.

Professional Movers In Maple Ridge: What To Look For

The first step in finding professional movers is putting together a list of prospective providers. Reach out to your personal network for referrals. After you’ve gathered potential vendors, you will want to do an Internet search to read reviews. Online information coupled with the input from your friends an family will help you gauge reputable companies in the area.

Next, get ready to do a little old school phone talking. Call every potential mover to discuss your needs with a salesperson. During your call, gather as much relevant information as possible. Full company name, years in operation, mailing address, website and email address are just some of the many critical details you should discuss. Also, talk about current promotions and discounts that the company may offer.

When screening a firm, you will want details on how they manage scheduling. Ask if they have availability on your move date and confirm that you can’t get bumped if you do decides to move forward with them as your movers in Maple Ridge. Less reputable companies won’t confirm you place on the schedule and should be dismissed from the process immediately. Before hanging up, ask for references and check them.

Finally, always request written estimates from your three front running companies. Never accept a verbal quote alone. Ask each vendor to provide costs in writing, with a detailed outline of what you will be charged for. After you’ve had a chance to compare your notes as well as the written estimates, you should have all you need to make an informed final decision about movers in Maple Ridge.

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