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How To Prepare For Your Movers In Coquitlam Autumn Weather

By admin on 26 November 18 Latest News


If you need to move your household in Autumn, you and your movers may find that the Coquitlam weather presents some challenges. Rain, ice, and even snow can make it harder to get your goods loaded up safely and keeping everyone from getting too cold. Start by making plans to board your family pets on moving day. Turn the heat off in the house when the movers arrive because they’ll need to leave doors open and the heater simply won’t be able to keep up.

Create A Warm Spot

By placing a space heater in the bathroom. You will create a warm space that is likely to stay warm throughout the day, and let’s face it, who wants to do their business in a freezing cold place? If you have another small space that won’t need to be opened frequently for moving, you might consider putting a space heater in there, too, so people can stop and warm their hands for a few minutes before continuing to work.

Cold Weather Provisions

Plan ahead to leave a slow cooker or two unpacked and keep them loaded with hot drinks or simple soup throughout the day. Your family and movers can warm up and stay hydrated and replace the calories they’re burning off.

Grab some extra gloves in preparation for your move too since the gloves that everyone is wearing at the beginning of the day are likely to get wet as the day goes on. Wet gloves are miserable for the person wearing them and may make it harder to work safely.

Be sure your family has enough warm clothing packed in an accessible place and not in the moving truck, so you can ride comfortably to your new home, and stay comfortable throughout the unloading process.

Extra Coverings

Your movers will arrive with a large supply of moving blankets to protect your furniture during the move, but it’s a good idea for you to keep some extras on hand. Keep them near the door in case the moving blankets get soaked in the rain. This way your movers will have back-ups to keep your furniture dry as the carry it into your new home.

Work With Local Movers In Coquitlam 

When you hire Mountain Movers, you’re getting experienced local movers, familiar with the Coquitlam area. We’ll treat your household goods as carefully as if they were our own. We put our local knowledge to work for you, making sure your truck isn’t held up by predictable conditions like road work, or known flood areas. Call or contact us online for a no-hidden-fees quote!

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