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How To Find Reliable Vancouver Moving Companies

By admin on 10 May 16 Moving Company Vancouver

You don’t move every day. Some of us don’t even move every month, year or decade. That makes it hard to know which Vancouver moving companies are reliable and which are not. Fortunately, we’ve got a cheat sheet here that you can use to help find a reliable moving company.

10 Questions To Ask A Moving Company Before Hiring

Movers are like any other business; there are great companies that will make your move smooth and simple and there are rogue operators who are only out for your money. Many people start off asking family and friends for recommendations. This is a great starting point but don’t leave it at that. Even after you get glowing referrals from people you know, take some time to do some research on the movers yourself. Interview potential movers and ask these questions:

  1. How do your quotes work? Are they an estimate? Do they include a not-to-exceed price? Are all fees included?
  1. Do you have employees or use subcontractors? You’ll likely have less of a problem if a difficulty does arise with companies that use employees vs. subcontractors.
  1. How long have you been in business? Be wary of companies that have been in business less than a year or don’t have a permanent address.
  1. Do you have your own trucks and equipment? If not, find out who is providing the equipment and do your research on them too.
  1. Do you have insurance? Ask for their insurers name and their policy number. Be sure they have Worker’s Compensation insurance too or you could be held liable for any injuries the workers suffer during your move.
  1. What are my insurance terms? You can purchase insurance to cover items that are lost or damaged during the move. Find out if it provides full coverage or just covers a portion of the value of the item.
  1. Does your company abide by the terms of the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers?
  1. Who provides services at the end of the move (this is most applicable to long distance moves)? Is it the same company, an affiliate, or someone else?
  1. If a storage facility is needed, whose will be used? The moving company’s or a third party’s? How will your possessions be secured?
  1. How far in advance do I need to book? Movers can get busy and may recommend you book early, but don’t feel pressured to sign on the spot.

Reliable Vancouver Moving Companies Should Have No Problem Answering Your Questions

Reliable moving services won’t flinch at these questions and will even address some of them without you asking. Remember, you are going to be paying a lot of money and entrusting nearly all of your possessions to this company. You have every right to do your research and ask questions until you are satisfied you’re making the right choice.

For reliable moving services in the Vancouver area, contact Mountain Movers at 778-378-6683 or request a quote online.

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