How to Choose the Best Moving Companies in Vancouver

By admin on 12 March 16 Latest News

At times it can be difficult for consumers to know which moving companies in Vancouver are trust worthy, and which to stay way from. There can many companies listed, but how do you know which are the best? HomeStars recently rated Mountain Movers Best of 2016 as one of the area’s top moving companies. The award was based on a variety of factors, from available services to consumer reviews, and helps area consumers find a professional mover to meet their needs.

In evaluating the moving companies Vancouver and other Canadian homeowners use, HomeStars applies a stringent list of criteria, including:

Proper Equipment

The difference between a part-time moving company and a true professional is the type of equipment used in the move. An amateur may have back braces, and even a ramp, but they lack the specialized equipment.

Professional movers come prepared for every situation. Lift gates and ramps enable movers to place heavy items in the truck with ease, and dollies help movers stack multiple items to move at once. More importantly, professional movers bring the supplementary items, like blankets, straps and tape that add an extra layer of protection for your valuables.

Localized Knowledge

Most of the moving companies Vancouver residents use are meant for short-term hauls. The homeowner may be moving from Vancouver to Surrey, or any of the other surrounding areas, and it’s essential that the moving company have a detailed knowledge of the area.

Localized knowledge allows the movers to plan the best route from the old home to the new, reducing time spent in traffic or on the road. Quality moving companies know which routes large trucks carrying living or dining room furniture must avoid, and where road conditions put valuables in the truck at risk of damage.


Accidents can occasionally happen during a move, and when you use an amateur moving company, you pay the price. A fully insured professional mover supplies financial protection against breakage and damage to your items in the normal course of the move.

Mountain Movers have the fleet of vehicles, trained drivers, and friendly ​staff to provide the best customer service in the business. For your next move, contact Mountain Movers today!

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