Get Your North Vancouver Home Organized For A Smooth Move

By admin on 1 August 18 Latest News

If you’re starting to plan for a local move or a long-distance residential move, you’ll have a smoother moving experience if you spend a little time doing some organizing and prep work before you start calling moving companies in North Vancouver for estimates. Work through the following steps to get things in the best possible shape before you ask for quotes, and you’ll get more accurate figures for packing supplies and boxes, labour, and truck space.

Put Things Away Logically 

Sometimes we put things in our home in the places where we actually use them, rather than with like items. When you’re preparing to pack and move, you may find it easier to prevent chaos by putting like items together, so you can quickly and easily find them before and after the move. If you know where in your new home things will be going, you can pack them accordingly to make unpacking go faster.

Sort And Pare Down

As you’re getting things organized, spend a little extra time looking over what’s in your drawers, cabinets, and closets, and making a harsh evaluation of what gets to move to your new home, and what really should be donated or thrown out before you pay to pack and move your household goods. If you have kids, you’re likely to find lots of outgrown clothes and toys, but don’t forget to plow through the adult spaces, too. You may be surprised how many odd kitchen appliances and gadgets you own but never use, or how many books you own and they’re not necessarily keepers. If you do as much clearing-out as time allows before calling for quotes from moving companies, they’ll be much more accurate in estimating your needs and costs.

Make Notes Before Your Walk-Throughs With Moving Companies

Reputable moving companies may send an estimator to walk through your home with you, which gives you the opportunity to point out things like antique furniture or your grandmother’s china that will require special packing and handling. You can also ask about purchasing extra insurance for your entire load of for specific items, so you know what all your options are. Keeping notes as you sort and organize will help prevent you forgetting anything you really want to ask about while you have the estimator in your home.

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