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Full-Service Movers: More Than Just A Truck On Moving Day

By admin on 25 May 18 Latest News

A moving company in Vancouver can and should offer many services in addition to just putting your boxes and furniture on a truck. When it comes to planning a move, there are many steps involved, and it’s helpful to work with a moving company in Vancouver that will guide and support you.

There Are Many Tricks To The Trade

Moving is something that you’ll most likely experience infrequently, so it’s unfamiliar territory. However, an established moving company in Vancouver conducts moves all the time and knows the process very well. When you work with a moving company who offers tips to help you prepare for the move, you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

Tips That Make Moving Easier

  • Packing. You obviously have to pack your belongings in order to move, but there are ways to pack that can make moving and unpacking easier. Fragile items, heavier pieces, and oddly shaped things need to be packed separately. Label boxes well and keep boxes from the same room together. The way you pack your belongings will help protect them and help your movers to be more efficient on moving day. Your full-service moving company should also offer packing services if you need additional help.
  • Checklists. Writing down a list of the steps and tasks to do makes your move much more organized. You should feel comfortable and confident giving your checklists to your moving company. You should also feel comfortable and confident that they will abide by those lists helping you to check off everything that needs to be done.
  • Preparation. There are some aspects to your move that must be accomplished ahead of the moving day. Your moving company in Vancouver should provide a schedule several weeks in advance, so you can manage these tasks in a timely fashion.

Get Support From The Movers

It’s important to work with a moving company in Vancouver that offers advice and services in addition to just providing a truck. Mountain Movers has the resources you’ll need to prepare and conduct your move. Call us at 778.378.6683 or contact us online for a quote for your next move into, out of, or within Vancouver, B.C. On the day of your move, you’ll have less to worry about because we’re taking care of you.


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