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For a Low Stress Move Get The Full Pack Option

By admin on 6 September 14 Movers Vancouver

In Vancouver, even moving within the city can be a very challenging task. The best and safest routes to get to your new place are important considerations. The time of the move, and the availability of parking or street limitations can all be serious issues on moving day. Condo’s and apartment buildings also may have loading dock restrictions or during busy seasons may even require booking appointments. Most moving companies will have good ideas about the best way to approach your particular move. They also look up road closures and detours that may come up, in an effort to ensure your things are delivered on time.

Almost any move can be stressful, but if you approach things in advance, deal with the things you can and let the professionals handle things that are outside of your experience it can be a pleasant experience. A complete pack and unpack is the absolute in luxury and peace of mind. They arrive at your current place a day in advance and log everything, which is tagged and packed into easily handled boxes. Any furniture that can be disassembled will be, and all elements noted and packed together. You will have to handle a few things on your own that the company can’t or won’t move. I call it the four P’s: Plants, Pets, Precious Pieces and Propane.

The delivery crew usually arrives the next morning and puts everything safely and securely in the truck. Then depending on the timing and the amount of household inventory you have they may even deliver it to the new location the same day. If not, the unpack crew will arrive and put everything back together and then place everything where it goes according to your valuable direction. Imagine how amazing you will feel after moving to your new home to see your entire china cabinet arrive safe and sound. The unit will be put together by capable people and then every item placed back inside safe and intact. Think of the entire contents of your kitchen and cupboards put away in almost no time. The time saving and expertise you gain by not doing this type of thing yourself is incredible. It allows you to think about your future in the new place like where to put your art, or what is missing that you will need to acquire. For some reason entry rugs never quite seem to go in the new place.

And that really is all there is to it. A Vancouver moving company will handle all the complicated stuff, the heavy lifting, even shifting the couch until you are happy. They will take all the boxes when they are done and give you the inventory list as well that they have checked off as it came from the truck. Everything will get to where it’s going. You just put your plants where you think they will live and leave the rest to the pros. Your sanity will thank you, the family will thank you, and instead of unpacking piece by piece over a couple of days or even weeks depending on your time, everything will be in place almost immediately. It will be up to you to remember where you chose to put everything.

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