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5 Things To Look For When Choosing Vancouver Moving Companies

By admin on 2 December 16 Packers & Movers

Don’t settle for status quo when hiring Vancouver moving companies. Take the time to do your research and qualify the most reputable vendors to entrust with your business. Knowing what to look for as you start the process can help you find the best Vancouver moving companies for your upcoming relocation.

Personal Touch

In today’s online world, many business transactions are often conducted online. However, hiring a mover should not be one of them. When searching for the right Vancouver moving companies, look for a provider that actually wants to come to your home to evaluate the scope of the project. It’s the only way to get a reliable estimate.

Actually Takes Inventory

Of course, simply arriving at the job site isn’t enough to adequately price out your upcoming move. An experienced and reliable moving company will actually walk through your home and carefully evaluate all the items you need move. They will discuss larger items, harder to move items, and possibly items that, by law, they aren’t allowed to load onto their trucks.

It’s In The Name

Some moving companies in Vancouver have avoided negative online reviews by simply changing their names on a consistent basis. When screening your potential companies, you should ensure that the business has a valid local address as well as current licensing and insurance coverage. This is the best way to protect yourself against the “name game.”

Gives References

An established business should have the names of previous customers willing to provide a reference. When screening your potential providers, always ask for the names of at least three references. Most importantly, always check those references – it’s the best way to get a firm understanding of what to expect during your move.

Puts It In Writing

Finally, never settle for a blank contract. A qualified mover will always put their estimate in writing for your review. When reviewing the document, be sure to ask about any potential extra fees or charges that may come into play during the move. Knowing what to expect with pricing can help plan accordingly for a successful move.

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