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Choose The Right Local Movers In Vancouver

By admin on 25 August 18 Latest News

What do you need to know to choose the right local movers in Vancouver and the surrounding area? Make sure you’re working with a local moving company that knows Vancouver inside and out, and one that has a proven record of reliability and integrity.

Get An Estimate You Can Trust 

Moving your household goods can be a strain on the budget, so you need to know you’re getting an estimate that accurately reflects what you’ll actually be paying. When you’re talking to local movers you’re considering working with, be sure you ask about any additional charges that may pop up during your move. Will you be charged to use moving blankets? Will you be required to buy the cellophane wrap and tape the movers use to protect your furniture? Are there any additional costs associated with equipment the movers might need to use? Find out how they charge for time and mileage for driving your goods to your new home.

Be Sure You’re Getting The Help You Need

Before you sign a contract, make sure the local movers you want to work with are giving you an estimate that reflects an adequate-sized team of movers to get the job done when you need it done. You will obviously pay less for a two-person team than a four-person team, but if they can’t get you out of your old house when you need to be out, you may be facing penalties. If you’re moving a large household, and you’re planning a one-day move, you need to know that there are enough movers on the job to get everything done, so your goods don’t have to be stored overnight.

Trusted Local Movers In Vancouver

Mountain Movers are the local movers Vancouver residents have come to depend on for safe and dependable moving services, honest estimates with no hidden charges, and the local knowledge to get your goods moved on time and on budget. We’re here to make sure you move is as stress-free as possible, and to protect your personal property as carefully as if it were our own. Contact us for a quote, and we’ll help you plan the logistics for your residential move.

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